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Portland, Oregon 2021-07-25 12:04:50 –

The coffee study conducted at the Australian Precision Health Center of the South Australian Institute of Health Sciences is the largest of its kind, with 17,702 participants. (Getty Images).

(StudyFinds.org) – A drink of Joe that morning may be what you need to help you get started and sharpen your mind. However, if you find yourself repeatedly heading to the coffee pot for refills, you may actually be jeopardizing your brain health. Too much coffee can increase your risk of dementia, a new study warns.

Drinking 6 or more One cup a day increases the risk of dementia by 53%, Increase the chances of a stroke,Also.Brain images reveal that drinking a lot of coffee is also relevant Brain contraction, Scientists say.

The study, conducted at the Australian Precision Health Center of the South Australian Institute of Health Sciences, is the largest of its kind based on 17,702 participants aged 30-37 years. Kitty Pham, a PhD candidate at the University of South Australia, leads a team of international researchers and says the findings draw attention to the risk of overconsumption.

“Coffee Among the most popular drinks in the world. But with global consumption exceeding 9 billion kilograms annually, it’s important to understand the potential health consequences, “she explains. statement. “This is the most extensive study of the relationship between coffee, brain volume measurement, dementia risk, and stroke risk, and is also the largest study examining volumetric brain imaging data and various interrelated factors. There is.

“Given all possible permutations, we consistently found that: High coffee consumption It was significantly associated with a decrease in brain volume, “she continued. “In essence, drinking more than six cups of coffee a day can put you at risk for brain disorders such as dementia and stroke.”

“Drink water with that cup of coffee,” the researchers suggest.

dementia It ’s a degenerative brain condition. It’s memory, thoughts, actions, and Ability to perform daily tasks.. About 50 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with the disease. About 5 million older Americans suffer from dementia, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Authorities predict that the number will rise to 14 million by 2060.

“This study provides important insights into coffee mass consumption and brain health, but as with much of life, moderation is key,” said a senior researcher at the Australian Center for Precision Health. Elina Hypponen said. “Along with other genetic evidence and randomized controlled trials, these data strongly suggest that high coffee consumption can adversely affect brain health. The exact mechanism is unknown, but One of the easy things we can do To keep moisture Don’t forget to drink a small amount of water with that cup of coffee.

“Normal daily coffee consumption is between one or two cups of standard coffee. Of course, the unit measurements vary, but usually a few cups of coffee a day is enough,” she said. Adds. “But if you notice that coffee consumption is heading towards more than six cups a day, it’s about to come. You rethink your next drink.. “

Survey results are published in the journal Nutrition Neuroscience..

SWNS writer William Janes contributed to this report.

Study: ‘Too much coffee’ increases risk of dementia by 53% Source link Study: ‘Too much coffee’ increases risk of dementia by 53%

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