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(StudyFinds.org) – A dirty and disgusting bathroom is enough for everyone to writhe, but which is actually the dirtiest place? New research reveals that it is neither a toilet nor a sink. Perhaps the most fertile place in your bathroom is where you hang your towel!

Surveys and surveys by electric heating experts LointeThe dirt reveals the dirtiest areas from a bacterial point of view, either in the bathroom radiator or in the towel rack. In addition, researchers have found that these common places where towels hang to dry are in places where people rarely rub and clean the bathroom.

Researchers explain that moist towels are an ideal breeding ground for harmful microbes and bacteria. Therefore, towel racks and radiators tend to attract a lot of dust, dirt, mold, and mold.All of these can lead to inflamed skin and even illnesses for people who do not clean them completely Bacterial breeding ground.

The towel rack is “really dirty”

Rointe specialists wiped the entire five bathrooms with bacteria to see where the average bathroom was dirty. The team measured bacterial levels using color-changing cotton swabs and found that 60% of towel rails and radiators were in the dark purple (or “really dirty”) category. An additional 10% fell into the lilac “dirty” category.

For comparison, only 10 percent of the tested toilets were found “Really dirty” And 20 percent actually ended up green (or “clean”)!Research shows Sink plug hole It is ranked as the next dirty place in the bathroom, and 50% of drains are classified as “really dirty”.

It’s not just the dirt and dirt in the bathroom. According to research, shower heads and sink faucets are the cleanest items in a typical bathroom. None of them fell into the “really dirty” category.

With these results in mind, researchers recommend that people clean bathroom radiators and towel rails or railings at least three times a month.

May be due to uneven cleaning habits

Although 69% of respondents say that the coronavirus pandemic raises their awareness. Of proper cleaning techniqueThe Rointe team found that not everyone scrubs all areas of the bathroom evenly.

In a poll of 1,000 adults in the UK, 11% said they only clean the towel railings once a month. Another 17% said they would clean the radiator in the bathroom once a month, and 7% admitted that they had never cleaned the radiator. Less than 3 out of 10 people clean these areas once a week.

Conversely, one in three respondents Clean the toilet every day!! An additional 30% rub the tub weekly and 26% clean the door handles every 7 days.

“Bathroom radiators and towel racks should be cleaned at least three times a month. Ideally, you would add your entire bathroom to your weekly cleaning routine. Allows you to keep away Your cleaning session Antoaneta Tsucheva, founder of Fast Klean, the largest domestic cleaning company in the southeast, said in a statement.

“In addition to the usual suspects of dust, dirt, mold and mold, we also need to consider bacteria and bacteria. The bathroom itself is a humid environment, as are the towels on radiators and rails. It’s an ideal environment for fungi and bacteria. You definitely don’t want to put it near your face. “

Study uncovers the filthiest part of your bathroom — and it may surprise you Source link Study uncovers the filthiest part of your bathroom — and it may surprise you

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