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Styx bassist Ricky Phillips on ‘Crash of the Crown’ and the band’s return to the road – Kansas City, Missouri

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Styx (lr: Chuck Panozzo, Ricky Phillips, Todd Thaterman, Tommy Shaw, James “JY” Young, Lawrence Gowan) // Photographer Rick Diamond

Classic rocker Styx has hits from the 70’s and 80’s, including “Lady,” “Come Sail Away,” “Renegade,” “Too much Time on My Hands,” or the number one gold record, “Babe.” Is known for. However, the band did not disappear in the 1990s. Despite occasional lineup changes, the band has always been a touring and recording dynamo, with Styx releasing 17 songs on Friday, June 18th.Th album, Crash of the crown, From the band’s label, Alpha Dog 2T / UMe.

But before that, the band will release a special Record Store Day on Saturday, June 12th. Same stardust, Side 1 contains two non-album tracks “The Same Stardust” and “Age of Entropia”, and Side 2 contains five live performances of “STYX Fix” live stream cuts. The band then begins a nine-day tour with the 90’s alternative act, Collective Soul.

The tour will take place on Friday, June 25th at the Azura Amphitheater, so I called Styx bassist Ricky Phillips to discuss the news and more.

Crown cover crashpitch: Listen Crash of the crownFor the new album, as Styx’s current bassist, I was curious about how you share the bass work with founding member Chuck Panozzo.

Ricky Phillips: Chuck is doing really, really well. Start at age 19Th Formed a band in September. Chuck really couldn’t do the show when I first joined. So he did, but he couldn’t do a complete show. He has health problems and his current situation is very nice and amazing. The joke in the band is that when it’s all over, you’ll be a cockroach and a chuck. There’s nothing to drop him.

He really, really, really, really comes. He is a wonderful man. He has his own fans. He has a lot of fans and brings him every night to play at least one song, sometimes two songs, and actually a couple of songs. Because he is doing most of the encore with us now. He is a great bassist. In other words, it didn’t disappear. All the early Styx records contain all the cool bass parts, but there’s something he can do, just because he had a problem, my job came in. , To take it to another level.

Tommy Shaw told me to come. They wanted more vocals and wanted to do more of what I could do, but the band has a deep brotherhood and for whatever reason. No one turned their backs. This is one of the things I’m quite familiar with about Styx, but I was very impressed from the beginning.

There are so many radical things happening in this business and the entertainment business of all kinds. The band’s honor system is second to none. On the last record, Chuck played one track. There are two, and I’m very happy with it. He and I dating like a lit house, so it’s all good, but it’s very different. So I don’t think the ego of other bands can really handle it. It’s not easy for us.

I toured with Styx when I was in Babies. I toured with them and Styx was solid. It is the next hit song after the hit song. Great vocals. They did everything. There’s a lot that happened within the band, the history of the band, and what we had to do to prevent the band from ending or exploding, but Chuck Panozzo has never had that problem. .. Chuck has always been a solid citizen within this unit.

The strength and positivity inherent in Styx as a group of people really seems to be conveyed. Crash of the crownIncludes great Winston Churchill clips, especially when listening to the title track or “Save Us from Ourselves”. It’s just like an album that nurtures the inner power of people.

Yeah, I think it appeals to different groups and people. Some people try to pick it all up. Some people will pick up some of them. Some say, “This is a great harmony of Styx.” I think many of you know it. I’m a big eater. If you’re looking forward to a full ride, you’ll dig into it, but I was proud of Tommy Shaw-a clear kickback, radio-friendly, big and lush Styx. I didn’t write a lot of pop tunes. Harmonize them with a positive message and hang his coat on it.

It’s good to say that the last two records are progressive and progressive, but the fact is that they have evolved from one song to the next, creating even deeper movement in the song. One song may have two or three different time signatures and another flow may have a complete stop and resume, but it’s not a new song.

It was hard to learn such things. Because when you assemble it, you’re typing “OK, let’s do it here” and you’re playing your part. We all do our homework, so we don’t just come to the engineers and make something on the spot. I spent a lot of time writing my part for this record.

As you mentioned, and I agree 100%, “progressive” is a really great descriptor not only for the band’s music, but especially for both this album. For the progressive elements, it’s a lot of fun for the bassist. There are always times when I think it’s likely to be a thing. Because you can play more than that.

Yes, I’m playing an eighth note. Nothing is more boring than hitting an eighth note. There was one song that was hitting notes, and I reluctantly did it, but I did. [laughs] It’s very short-lived and I have no right to complain because there’s plenty of room to play fun and cool bass lines. One of my favorites is the record “God Save the King”. It’s a song. The baseline I wrote can be called a bridge. It’s in the mid 80’s section, what the Beatles once called, and one of my favorites. No one else pays attention. It’s gone in no time, but you can play all day long.

First, the code changes in the progression itself are very imaginative. It took me a while to come up with a baseline, but it’s just flowing, it’s too seamless, maybe people just go and think nothing, but to come up with it, I usually hit myself On my back for the next 3 days. It’s fun and there are a lot of such things on records. It was a fun record just to write.

Can you tell me a little about this Same stardust What EPs will be released on Record Store Day with two additional songs not on the album? I hadn’t had a chance to hear them yet, but why they weren’t on the album itself I’m curious about why and why you liked them so much and still wanted to release them.

Another part of the band that I love is their attention to detail. There are no stones left unattended. If something doesn’t flow, you don’t need it, or it’s just a burden, suddenly you say, “Wait a minute! This isn’t your own weight. This is really good. Let’s get it out.” The idea was very simple. think.

It wasn’t a marketing method that was over-thought. We have music that is intended to bring everything together, the songs in this group flow better and these songs are a little different. It’s easy. And I don’t think they are so progressive. They’re just right, but they just didn’t fit. Not that they weren’t good enough, but the body of the song is that the outdoor song, even if it’s a half-time song It was progressive, if any, and I don’t really emphasize crazy and progressive time signatures. They still had the concept of progressive, so I cut out some of the songs I really liked that weren’t completely progressive and included them in it.

This makes a lot of sense given that the B-side of that EP is a live version of Styx’s songs from the classic era. One of the positive aspects of being quarantined is so many bands. Dig up the archive and published various live streams and more. Everyone had a “Styx Fix”. How was it to revisit some of these shows that you’ve been playing for years?

They are very interesting in that they are quite different from what I remember, or do not sound like I remember. Anyway, they are different from what was recorded. But it’s fun to see us in the clothes and hair we’re wearing.

For most shows, I think the music is always pretty consistent. For some of them, I was having a good night on vocals that night and I might have heard something, but in general, we have the advantage of a band doing a lot of shows. , I’m trying to resume again. believe me. They are filling the rest of the year. It doesn’t seem to come back very often, so let’s leave it as it is.

It’s really interesting to go back and dive deep into it, even though I haven’t done it for a year and a half. I thought, “Well, let’s do 5 or 6 shows from the beginning.” No. It’s not the method Styx tested. It’s like, “Pack up your luggage, let someone feed your dog, and let the plants drink water, because you won’t be home for a while.”

Styx will play Azura Amphitheater at Collective Soul on Friday, June 25th.Details of the show Here..

Crash of the crown You can pre-order and pre-save from various retailers.Its details Here..

Styx bassist Ricky Phillips on ‘Crash of the Crown’ and the band’s return to the road Source link Styx bassist Ricky Phillips on ‘Crash of the Crown’ and the band’s return to the road

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