Subaru WRX Sports Wagon Confirmed in Australia

The good news is Subaru WRX Sportwagon is officially back. The bad news is that it is for the Australian market only. Sadly, Subie enthusiasts are familiar with the longing for performance variants that are only available on the other side of the world.

To make matters worse WRX Sportwagon looks even better than recently announced 2022 WRX sedan.. This is because the wagon is basically a rebadged Japanese market Levorg, and therefore there is no controversial polygonal plastic coating on the wheelwell of the sedan.Both are built on Subaru Global platform that supports all models except BRZ..

However, the second generation Levorg that debuted so far Japan At the end of last year, it was only available on 1.8-liter turboboxers that generate 174 horsepower. The WRX Sportwagon, on the other hand, is equipped with the turbocharged 2.4-liter boxer found on WRX sedans. Subaru hasn’t yet disclosed specifications for the Australian market, but it’s probably safe to estimate that it will produce something close to the US WRX’s 271 horsepower and 259 lb-ft torque ( Some predictions I nailed it with 286 horses).

If you’re crazy about not getting the state side of the WRX Sportwagon, here’s an ointment: it’s only available on Subaru’s “8-speed” CVTs. Australian (and US) sedans have the option of a suitable 6-speed manual or so-called Subaru performance transmission, but the wagon comes with only the latter. Subaru reminds us that it has variable torque distribution (to distribute the twist to the front or rear wheels) and sports shift control (artificial downshift blip), but in the future it will replace the transmission. I think there are a lot of Australians.

With the automatic-only option, Subaru can add EyeSight Driver Assist technology, including adaptive cruises. In addition, the wagon picks up the WRX sedan’s drive mode select, allows for custom dampers and steering settings, and comes standard with an 18-inch alloy (available only on non-base WRX sedans).

It wouldn’t be surprising if it appeared not only in Japan but also in the high-spec Levorg (the first generation also had options for the base engine and performance engine). Sadly, the US market against the wagon seems to have been unlucky. The WRX Sportwagon will land on the Australian coast in the second quarter of 2022.

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Subaru WRX Sports Wagon Confirmed in Australia

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