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This is the best moment of last night’s episode.

Jason Sudeikis played 2013 Vice President Joe Biden at “Saturday Night Live” with President Joe Biden of James Austin Johnson.

Ted Lasso did not appear in Jason Sudeikis’ “Saturday Night Live” episode, but screamed at the opening monologue.

Sudeikis returned to the SNL stage for the first time after leaving in 2013. He spent 10 years as a writer and cast member, playing Mitt Romney, George W. Bush, Joe Biden and more.

Today, his iconic character, Ted Lasso, an optimistic and goofy soccer coach, is almost as famous as Sudaykis himself. Ted Lasso has more than 500,000 Twitter followers than Sudeikis and was originally created for SNL-style commercials that promote US interest in European football. Today, the idea has evolved into an Emmy-winning television series on Apple TV +.

Sudaykis was an old dog hanging out with a young puppy. He also had the opportunity to show off his dance moves (and he was actually pretty good!) This was the best moment when he first hosted “Saturday Night Live”.

Cold open

Joe Biden, president of James Austin Johnson, will make his second appearance of the season at the Cold Open last night. He turns out to be dealing with the lowest approval rate ever, so he gets the help of 2013 Vice President Joe Biden, played by Jason Sudeikis.

Once again, Biden’s infamous infrastructure bill makes its second appearance as a comedy feed. A much younger and more hip version of himself, 2013 Biden tells the current Biden to “calm down” and ensure they understand it and pass the bill at some point (“I” After all, you are. “).

Johnson’s impression of Biden was right. His side smile and vocal Mannerism were exactly the same as the real thing. Sudeikis didn’t have Biden’s habit, but he didn’t have to-after all, he’s Jason Sudeikis.

Open the monologue

Sudeikis took a much more sensitive and sentimental approach to his confession last night than his previous host.

He talks about all the history that happened in the studio — all the great actors and actresses who made their start in shows dating back to the 1970s. He encourages everyone in the studio to look around all the people who made this show possible over the course of a year.

He was an older, experienced actor who returned to his hometown. The young and up-and-coming comedians who currently make up the cast came to him and asked for advice. He said: “Win an Emmy … it helps.”

Ultimately, his soft opening makes sense for the man who has his career on the SNL stage. Ted Lasso’s Emmy Awards wouldn’t have been possible without the platform the show gave him.

Sdeikis said he didn’t think “Ted Lasso” was so popular (“two things Americans hate, based on football and kindness”).

Science room

Science teacher Sudaykis is trying to teach two kids as part of a Bill Nighy-style science show. The problem is that these two students are too clumsy to know the difference between the Sun and the planet Earth. They continue to applaud after every sentence Sudeikis says, calling the planetary model exclusively a “ball.”

Even their parents are ruthless. When Sudaykis reaches the limit, he takes his parents out and blames them for raising their children incorrectly. Then they ignorantly walk in front of the camera.

Sudeikis was literally a teacher who helped up-and-coming comedians learn, so this skit never missed the symbolism of teachers and students.


Now that Ellen is about to stop broadcasting, SNL writers are marketing a new kind of talk show for men. In this way, “Meren” (male Ellen) was born. Melen, played by Jason Sudeikis, was a random man who legally changed his name to Melen to host this super-masculine talk show.

The talk show concludes with the segments of golf, hair removal, and hitting each audience’s face. Special guests include Conor McGregor and Jake Paul (offering to fight the late Muhammad Ali).

I don’t think the show will get off to a good start, but Sudeikis will host a great parody talk show.

Weekend update

Colin Jost and Michael Che are enjoying Trump’s new social network, the Chicago Police Department, and Biden’s approval rate for hitting the southern border.

It’s also clearly “just in the wing stage of the pandemic,” according to Jost, following the FDA’s statement that booster shots can be taken from a different brand than the first shot.

A special guest, the devil (played by Sudaykis), has appeared. He is discussing all the work he has done in the last few years. Climate change, Instagram for kids, but he blames the idea of ​​leading QAnon (“they’re crazy”).

Boston citizens will be pleased (or may not) know that the Astros helped defeat the Red Sox on Friday night. And why is Tom Brady still doing so well after leaving the Patriots? Because the devil is trapping Brady’s soul — the deal they made to continue playing Brady after the age of 40.

Now everything makes sense!

Sudeikis returns to host ‘Saturday Night Live’ Source link Sudeikis returns to host ‘Saturday Night Live’

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