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Sugar Cookie and Mama Jack are beautiful pets with plenty of personality – Kansas City, Missouri

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Sugar cookies are KC football and dogs who love to take pictures. // Courtesy KCPP

we KC Pet Project Here at KC Metro we will be hosting a weekly “Creature Feature” on adorable and available pets. Three pets, D’Angelo, Norman and Jade, have recently been hired!

This week, KCPP introduces a 3-year-old pitbull, Sugar Cookie, and a 1-year-old British Shorthair, Mama Jack. Both adorable pets live on the Kansas City campus for the care of animals that you can adopt them.

Sugar cookies are dogs that deserve her own social media page. She is the perfect photographic model and can quickly change her appearance with countless ear configurations and different tongue and tooth proportions. If you think she’s cute in this photo, wait until you see her in action as she gets Zoomy or bounces dramatically with a squeaky toy. This sugar cookie is sprinkled with star power on top and should fill the camera roll with the joy of pure infection.

This stupid puppy enjoys rough breeding with other dogs as much as he loves to snuggle up with his favorite human (or other human). She has been with KCPP since November 20th of this year. Scoop her up and sweeten your life infinitely.

British Shorthair Mama Jack takes a photo. She has gray, brown, and white fur.

Mama Jack loves to snuggle up to your lap. // Courtesy KCPP

Mama Jack is a shy cat, and any rap will warm you up once you know you. This beautiful cat fills your home with her kind and majestic presence — her big yellow eyes are as impressive as her adorable spirit.

She is curious, adventurous, most confident in the kennel, and likes to take a nap in a quiet hideaway box. Mama Jack has been with KCPP since October 31st of this year.

Sugar cookies and mamajacks are just a few of the many animals in need of adoption in the KC Pet Project. There are still other notable creatures that need to be adopted as well. Mr. A quiet and calm cat who loves food. Pumpkin seeds It is a gorgeous cat that shows a sweet side when it gains trust. Tonja It is a tabby with golden eyes that I love quiet houses. Fisher A 2-year-old pitbull who loves to play tennis balls. Mamba A dog that seeks love for treats and love.

The shelter Currently reaching capacity We need employers and pet foster parents.If these aren’t pets for you, check them out KCPP’s currently available pets..

Sugar Cookie and Mama Jack are beautiful pets with plenty of personality Source link Sugar Cookie and Mama Jack are beautiful pets with plenty of personality

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