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Suit: Migrant workers illegally underpaid to truck sugarcane – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-10-26 09:19:26 –

Six migrant workers from Mexico filed a lawsuit against a sugar company in Louisiana, who were brought into the country with a visa listed as farm workers, but as truck drivers carrying sugar cane from the farm to the factory. I was made to work. wage.

In a lawsuit filed in western Louisiana, Sterling Sugars Sales Corporation has a federal H-2A work visa that identifies six people as farm workers for tasks such as harvesting sugar cane and maintaining farm equipment for less than $ 11 per hour. Claims to have acquired.

“Instead, plaintiff-like workers hired to drive heavy trucks over £ 26,000 to transport harvested sugar cane from various farms in Louisiana to a processing facility in Franklin, Louisiana. I was struck, “said the proceedings. “The defendant did not harvest the sugar cane crops it transported.”

Workers’ lawsuits allege that another type of visa, the H-2B visa, is required for off-farm work that brings products to the factory for employers who did not produce sugar cane. And the proceedings said they should have been paid at a rate of just over $ 20 an hour under federal “general wage” law.

The proceedings also allege that workers worked more than 40 hours a week, often 80 hours a week, but were not paid for the required overtime pay.

The proceedings seek payment of unpaid wages and overtime under state and federal law. We also aim to regain the unpaid overtime of others hired to drive the company’s trucks in 2018, 2019, 2020, or 2021 in a similar situation.

Sterling Sugars has not yet submitted a response to federal court and did not immediately respond to the request for comment sent by email on Monday.

A lawyer for the Southern Migrant Legal Services project of the Texas RioGrande Legal Aid organization has filed a lawsuit on behalf of six migrant workers. A lawyer from the same organization filed a federal proceeding in May on behalf of a worker who said he was not illegally paid by the Louisiana crayfish processing business.

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Suit: Migrant workers illegally underpaid to truck sugarcane Source link Suit: Migrant workers illegally underpaid to truck sugarcane

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