Suki Waterhouse Slams’Gossip Girl Reboots With Robert Pattinson’s Joke

Follow in the footsteps of OG gossip Girl, HBO Max teen drama restart doesn’t require prisoners When it comes to pop culture reference material —But Suki Waterhouse wants to be excluded from this story.

According to the screenshot taken by Glamour Magazine, 29-year-old model The joke made in episode 4 of gossip Girl About the relationship with her Robert Pattinson..

Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson. Shutterstock (2)

“When do you get it? As far as the press is concerned, he’s R-Patz and you’re Suki Nobody.” Luna (Zeon Moreno)ask Whitney PeakZoya, the latest episode that started streaming on Thursday, July 29th.

Waterhouse, 35, who has been dating Twilight Star since 2018, reportedly visited Twitter and shared screenshots of Luna and Monet. (Savannah Lee Smith) In the scene before the same episode, he says “Fk patriarchy”.

“Another day reminding women that they can also be patriarchal,” the actress captioned and tagged the deleted tweets. gossip Girl Writer Lira Feinberg..

In a follow-up (and delete) post, Waterhouse added: “The criticisms of patriarchy and sexism confirm my name as someone’s empty girlfriend. It makes sense.”

I rarely make a water house Comments on her romance with Pattinson..Confirmed sources We weekly In August 2018, the pair said they had been dating for months and that they knew each other and had been together for a long time.

Recently, a modest couple has joined Kate BeckinsaleBirthday bash on Tuesday, July 27th.

“Best Birthday Lovely Lovely Lovely 💕”, 48 years old underworld The star captioned a series of photos from a dinner party via Instagram.

Suki Waterhouse seems to have fired Gossip Girl Suki Nobody Joke

Evan Mock, Thomas Doherty, Emily Alyn Lind, Eli Brown, Jordan Alexander, Savannah Smith, Zion Moreno’s new “Gossip Girl”. Karolina Wojtasik

Waterhouse isn’t the first star to appear to have blamed the show for joking about her love life. Earlier this year Taylor Swift Made Headline to aim Genie & Georgia’s quip About Georgia (Bryan Howey) “passing through men faster than Taylor Swift”.

“Hey Ginny & Georgia, 2010 wants to call back and get back the lazy and sexist jokes. Why not define this horse as FuNnY and stop the corruption of hard-working women,” said 31. Grammy Award winners tweeted in March. “Also, @ netflix after Miss Americana This costume doesn’t look cute to you. I think it’s Happy Women’s History Month. “

In the backlash from Swift fans Antonia GentryCharacter Genie joked, but made a statement.

“I’m crazy about playing as Genie Miller. She’s a flawed character who tries to blend seamlessly into the world around her, but is always said no. “The 23-year-old Gentry wrote in March. 4 Via Instagram. “She involves us all in many of the characters in the show. She shows our own prejudices, prejudices and injustices. She loves, lies and believes. I support being — even though she may not have all of her facts straight, she is morally, mentally, physically and emotionally only herself. Instead, make a mistake in the broken world in which she lives. “

She added: “I am very pleased to work with a talented, serious and honest woman who is not afraid to pull the curtain and reveal all the intricacies of life. Cheek tongue.”

HBO Max Season 1 gossip Girl We release a new episode every Thursday. Genie & GeorgiaMeanwhile, it was picked up in Season 2 earlier this year.

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Suki Waterhouse Slams’Gossip Girl Reboots With Robert Pattinson’s Joke

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