Sula Vineyard

Sula Vineyard

                                      Sula Vineyard

No wonder Nasik is known as the vine capital of India as it houses the famous Sula Vineyards. It is the first winery of the nation. The company is spread across an area of 1800 acres across Nasik and Karnataka. This winery is famous all over the country and it very well stands up to its name. It is located in northeast Mumbai.

The exotic flavours offered by this estate is a treat to the soul. This winery is open to the general public. Sula Vineyards hosts a number of tourist packages. One can take go around the vineyard for a tour and can even stay in there. Sula Vineyards have this wonderful resort facility where one can dwell in the tranquility of the place with their loved ones.

More about Sula Vineyards

Sula Vineyards was founded by Mr. Rajeev Samant in the year 1998. This winery is a highly functional and masters in producing scrumptious wine and is a popular tourist destination too. The most wonderful element of this winery is that it has an entirely environment friendly approach towards its functioning or in other words it has a judicious approach. With a humble start in the year 1998, this winery has experienced anything but progress. The various flavours presented by this winery are Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Zinfandel. It is home to sixty wineries.

Sula Vineyards has a range of reserves, premium wines and special editions. This place is the destination for people who are interested in wine tourism.

Things to Explore in Sula Vineyards

Sula Vineyards gives a tourist ample opportunities to explore. It is indeed a heaven for wine lovers but is also an ideal destination of people who are seeking some quiet coupled with natural beauty. There exists an array of activities that are held around the year in Sula Vineyards to interest the tourists.

Sula Vineyards conducts the Grape Stomping Activity. This is a Roman tradition and it involves the crushing of the grapes with one’s bare feet. It is conducted January and March. Visitors get a chance to stomp grapes which is a part of the wine making process. This is a unique experience. A visit to Sula Vineyards in between these seasons will add up well to one’s itinerary.

Then comes wine tours. Sula Vineyards conducts tours around its vast vineyards throughout the year. They charge Rs.150 for touring around the vineyard. For both touring and tasting a total of 4 types of varieties of wine, they charge a total of Rs.250 per head. There exists other packages too and visitors can choose among these as per their need. Touring around the vineyard is a wonderful experience altogether and are well explained by a guide. Visitors are made aware of the history behind this winery and also about the various steps involved in the wine making process. Sula Vineyard is well kept and well-managed. The sight of grapes hanging down looks spectacular. The winery is a scenic sight.

Sula Fest is conducted every year in the premises of the winery. This trend started in the year 2008. It is a two day fest and offers some amazing music coupled with great food and of course drinks. People from around the state of Maharashtra and around the nation come to be a part of this fest. This fest is a heaven for wine lovers as they get food and music as add-ons.

Sula Vineyards also accommodates superb minimalistic 3 bedroom by the name SkyVilla. This wonderful stay is accompanied by a lake view. This estate also consists of seven lake view rooms. These rooms overlook the Gangapur lake. One can enjoy sunset and sunrise on the deck of SkyVilla. One can grab a bicycle and go on a ride around the vineyard or one can go on a walk with friends and family.

SkyVilla also houses a world class infinity pool where one can take a dip in and enjoy.

Sula Vineyards offer a whole world of experiences to its visitors. The ambience of this estate is full of serenity and tranquility. When in here one goes in some other world. The peaceful atmosphere here is breathtaking.

A Tourist’s Guide

Sula Vineyards is situated in Nasik, Maharashtra. The nearest railway station from here is Nasik Railway Station which is at a distance of 23 km from here. The nearest airport is Nasik airport at a distance of 33 km from here. Commutation is not a problem as there exists several transportation options here. The vineyard is open on all days of the week from 11 am to 11 pm.

A visit to this place will definitely soothe one physically and mentally. The calmness of Sula Vineyards makes it a wonderful destination for peace lovers. The wide array of varieties of wine offered here is exotic. One must visit this place when in Nasik.

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