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Summer camps return, but with higher prices, fewer choices – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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All working parents have to deal with this: The school year is about to end, which means it’s time to see the summer camp.

2022 marks the return to camp for many families who have kept their children home for two years during the pandemic.

However, as recently discovered by three mothers, Jenny Miele, many camps were completely closed during the COVID shutdown, forcing other camps to raise prices to continue operation.

“It’s very difficult to find, especially after a pandemic,” she said. “Camps available or open, with before and aftercare.”

She and her husband also have a full-time job.

“That is, every kid needs to do basically weekly camps and other activities to avoid sitting at home and watching TV,” she said.

Prices are higher than ever

Miele and her husband have spent a lot of time searching the internet, checking references, and finding the right ones within their budget.

And she learned that prices are much higher than they were in the pre-pandemic era.

“On average, you’re talking up to $ 500 or $ 600 a week,” Miele said. “And with three kids, it’s really expensive.”

Sarah Wetzel of Better Business Bureau states that there have been many complaints about summer camps, especially refunds.

“The biggest complaint is actually about their refund policy, they aren’t clear or consumers don’t understand,” Wetzel said. “In some cases, they pay a lot of money in advance, the child probably only goes to the camp for one day, the camp is not suitable for the child, or the child gets sick, they do not. Please stay inside. “

Ask questions before sending money

When it comes to filling your summer with camping, BBB offers this advice:

  • If possible, visit the camp before submitting your deposit.
  • Check if the deposit is refundable.
  • Check all emergency and safety features.
  • Ask about additional charges and payment deadlines.
  • Find out if food and transportation are provided. How about aftercare?
  • And what are the return rates for both campers and staff?

Wetzel says you should do too Check ACA for reviews..

“Another great thing is the American Camping Association, which is a great resource,” she said. “All of these accredited camps meet the 300 nationally recognized standards, so if you’re looking for a camp, you can always find one.”

Jenny Miele says it’s not easy to choose a camp for your loved one.

“That is, it’s very stressful for our parents. Summer should be fun and sometimes hard to think about,” she said.

But if you take the time to follow these tips, it’s not difficult and you won’t waste your money.

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Summer camps return, but with higher prices, fewer choices Source link Summer camps return, but with higher prices, fewer choices

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