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Summer hours for Colorado Springs city-run attractions – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Colorado Springs, Colorado — Memorial Day weekend is the beginning of an informal summer, with Colorado Springs’ municipal lakes, pools, spray fields, and golf courses starting during daylight savings time.

Pikes Peak-American Mountains Daylight saving time starts on friday

  • May 28-September 6
  • Daily from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm, last admission 6 pm
  • If the weather permits

Note: Due to delayed spring weather that affected the construction schedule of the Pikes Peak Summit Complex, the Summit will remain banned from vehicles and pedestrians until June 15. If the weather permits, guests can continue to park and enjoy themselves at Devil’s Playground. Views from 13,500 feet and hikes on various trails. For more information, please visit:

Summer watercraft time at Prospect Lake Starts on friday

The lake is open daily from sunrise to sunset, but access to the boat varies from day to day.

  • Electric Watercraft: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
  • Vessels without motors: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays

Additional details in

Fountain and spray field

Julie Penrose Fountain

  • America the Beautiful Park, 126 Shimmy Drive
  • May 29-September 6
  • Daily; 11 am-5pm

Uncle Wilbur

  • Acacia Park, 115 East Platte Avenue
  • May 29-September 6
  • Every day; noon to 6 pm

Venice water hole

  • John Benezia Park, 3555 Briargate Pkwy
  • May 29-September 6
  • Daily; 10 am-7pm

Deerfield Hills Spray Ground

  • Deerfield Hills Park, 4290 Deerfield Hills Road
  • June 1st-August 8th
  • Wednesday, 11:30 am to 5:00 pm.All other days, 10 am-5pm

Access to these areas will be closed in the event of bad weather or lightning strikes.

Acacia Park Visitor Hub Open on saturday

Visitor information and shuffleboard are available. For more information, please contact the hub (719-385-6521).

  • May 29-September 5
  • The time varies from day to day.Sunday Saturday; noon to 6 pm

Outdoor pool Open on saturday

Operated through a partnership between Colorado Springs and YMCA in the Pikes Peak area, the pool will open on Saturdays where weather permits. The portal pool is currently undergoing repair evaluation and will not be open during the summer. The pool is open to general members and YMCA members who have purchased a 1-day pass. Check the website for time and cost.

Patty Juet and Valley High Golf Course

Both courses open daily at 6:30 am.

Tea time can be booked online 7 days in advance. All tea times booked online must be paid online at the time of booking.Book tea time Colorado / GolfPlayers can book 5 days in advance by phone or directly. These times can be paid directly on the day of play. Walk-on play is also possible if there is space.

  • Patty Jewett, 900 E. Espanola Street, 719-385-6937
  • Valley High, 610 South Shelton Road, 719-385-6917
  • Patty Jewett Bar and Grill closes at 7am
  • Valley High Grill and Pub closes at 6:30 am

Celtic Ice Center

The Sertich Ice Center opens on Memorial Day and has the next public skating session.

  • Matinee skating: 12-1: 30 pm
  • Power hour skating: 3 pm to 4 pm

Starsmore Visitor and Nature Center

The Starsmore Visitor and Nature Center is open from 8am to 4pm on Memorial Day.

Prospect Lake Beach House Scheduled to open on June 14th

Any R. Jaspersen Beach House on Prospect Lake in Memorial Park will be open to the public on June 14th until the water temperature rises. The grand opening celebration is scheduled for June 23rd. The beach house has undergone a major refurbishment of $ 1.4 million, funded by a variety of sources, including two grants from the Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO).

The refurbished beach house has new concessions, indoor and outdoor study spaces, an outdoor meeting area with boulder seats, great indoor rooms perfect for community events, beach volleyball, illuminated patios and accessible beaches. It is equipped with new facilities such as access to. Since 2012, the city has partnered with YMCA in the Pikes Peak area to operate beach houses.

Summer hours for Colorado Springs city-run attractions Source link Summer hours for Colorado Springs city-run attractions

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