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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-09-10 16:16:18 –

Akron, Ohio (WJW) – A woman in Summit County loses her husband September 11 terrorist attack And now, 20 years later, she FOX 8I team..

Raleigh Hart talked about the life of her family, and she has a message for everyone.

John Hurt died on a business trip after a terrorist attack in New York City.

“I live with it every day. I think about John every day. I think about losses,” said Laurie Hart. “I was always wondering where he would be if he were here. Where is our life? What do we do?”

She said she was grateful for collecting some of her husband’s belongings on the scene, including a marriage prayer card.

John left four children. Raleigh said what happened on September 11 urged a son to join the Army, encourage his daughter to begin career counseling for children, and encourage more volunteers to participate.

“Weston was willing to join the army. He is a company commander in the Army. Emily is in a state of behavioral health. I raised children, we move forward in our lives. bottom.”

Many remember the moment they first heard about the September 11th attack. Raleigh still has a phone record showing that her husband called her twice shortly after the attack.

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She also had a plane ticket at the time. She was planning to join her husband while he was still in New York.

Decades later, Raleigh realized that she was still learning about everything that happened on September 11, survival and loss. She also pays close attention to the latest troubles around the world.

“I’m a little nervous about some of the events happening in the world,” she said.

It is tied to the message Raleigh has for everyone.

“Don’t take the people of your life for granted. After 9/11, the moment your foot hits the floor in the morning, you don’t know what a day will bring,” Laurie said. increase.

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