Sunshine dominates through the weekend! – Florence, South Carolina

Florence, South Carolina 2021-11-25 06:51:25 –

Everyone Happy Thanksgiving! If you want to start your day early with the current temperatures in your early twenties and late thirties, be sure to put them together.

Highs will rebound in the mid-low and mid-1960s, largely thanks to today’s mostly sunny skies and wind switching from the southwest. The cold front will pass tonight and you will have several shower opportunities. Showers move offshore and the sky begins to clear until late in the morning. The temperature on Friday is still around 60, but the maximum temperature on weekends will drop.

Weekends will return to cooler temperatures, and Saturday’s highs will return to the 1950s. Sundays will be a little warmer and the anticyclone will be in the mid to mid-60s, leading another dry cold front. From next week, look for the sunshine and coolness again.

Thanksgiving: Mostly sunny and calm. High 62-65 inland, 62 beaches.

Tonight: Clouds increase with a late shower. Low price from 47-50.

Tomorrow: Clouds will gradually decrease and the maximum temperature will be about 60.

Sunshine dominates through the weekend! Source link Sunshine dominates through the weekend!

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