Sunshine returns today, storms return Friday – Florence, South Carolina

Florence, South Carolina 2021-08-05 05:01:59 –

Sunshine is back today and the possibility of rain is back on Friday. The front, which rained all on Tuesday, was pushed offshore yesterday. It stays offshore to this day, keeping most of the rain offshore. Today’s sunshine warms us from the late to mid 80’s. On Friday, the front is pushed back towards the coast, increasing the likelihood of showers and thunderstorms.

The possibility of high rain continues until Saturday. On Sundays, high pressures will increase throughout the Carolina and eventually the fronts will be washed away. Thunderstorms may still be scattered, but with more sunshine some spots warm up to nearly 90. Typical summer weather will return next week, temperatures will return to the 90’s, and storms will hit or miss.

Today it is partially sunny and warm, with a slight potential for thunderstorms near the coast. High: 85-86 inland, 82-83 beach.

Tonight, it is cloudy and calm in some places. Inland 68 lows, 72 beaches.

It is mostly cloudy on Fridays with showers and thunderstorms. High in the mid-1980s.

Sunshine returns today, storms return Friday Source link Sunshine returns today, storms return Friday

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