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London (AP) —12 European clubs pursuing the Super League have said they are legal to leaders FIFA and UEFA …

London (AP) —12 European clubs pursuing super leagues have already sought legal action from leaders FIFA and UEFA to prevent them from taking action aimed at stopping the start of the withdrawal competition Said that it has been done. Associated Press.

The letter was sent by a group of English, Spanish and Italian clubs to FIFA President Gianni Infantino and UEFA counterpart Alexander Cheferin, and the Super League has already been sent by financial institutions to € 4 billion (55). It says it is funded ($ 100 million).

UEFA warned super league clubs such as Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Juventus and Manchester United that legal action would be taken against rebel clubs after the plan was leaked on Sunday. British Premier League and international competitions.

Super League clubs have told Infantino and Ceferin that “FIFA and UEFA can accept this invitation by taking punitive measures to exclude participating clubs and players from their respective tournaments. I’m worried that it might be. “

“But your formal statement states that you will not only endanger your funding promise under the grant, but also take protective measures to protect yourself from seriously illegal adverse reactions. Force us. For this reason, SLCo (Super League Company) has filed a petition with the relevant courts to ensure the seamless establishment and operation of competition in accordance with applicable law. “

The court was not nominated.

“Given the irreparable damage incurred if we are robbed for any reason, all reasonable actions available to protect competition and the interests of our stakeholders are appropriate. It is our duty as a member of SLCo’s board to ensure that it takes place. An opportunity to quickly form a tournament and share the proceeds of the grant, “continued the Super League letter.

The Super League will start a 20-team tournament with 15 founding members, but currently only 12 have signed up. They are also in Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham, England. Atletico Madrid and Milan rivals AC and AC are also part of the plan.

The departure began in the same way that UEFA, which runs European football, thought it had agreed to expand the Champions League from 2024. Currently, the same officials who supported the plan decided to do it alone, claiming that the existing tournament could remain — theirs, including the record 13 European champions Liverpool. Despite losing the most successful team.

“This tournament will be held in conjunction with the existing national league and cup tournaments, which are an important part of the competitiveness of European football,” wrote a Super League letter to Infanatino and Seferin. reading. “We are not aiming to replace the UEFA Champions League or Europa League, but we are aiming to compete and co-exist with these tournaments.


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