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8.5 / 10

Super Mario 3D World + Bowers Fury Here are some weird and experimental aspects of Nintendo that aren’t often found in first-party games. Instead of mailing another “deluxe” version of the understated title from the Wii U catalog, the developers took it one step further by attaching an innovative derivative to the Core 2013 game that overturned Mario’s formula.If you have never played like me 3D world, You want a great toad-like gaming experience that combines the best of 2D and 3D games with the additional bonus of Bowser’s wrath as an appetizing add-on.

Super Mario 3D World

This game feels like a potpourri-style Mario catalog that incorporates the best of the past games. With a unique diorama-like depth of field, 3D world Incorporating elements from the NES trilogy, mid-2000s 3D titles, Mario Party mini-games, and even the internal mechanics of their successors. Super Mario Odyssey. These characteristics mesh surprisingly well, even with some familiarity with camera positioning.

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It takes practice to launch a projectile. Attacking the enemy is not a direct line like the classic left-to-right game, but rather a diagonal path. Many of my early deaths were the cause of barely missing Goomba because of a bad aim, but in the end I got the hang of it. Jumping scenarios are also tricky with the same diagonal tendencies and require a little more attention than trying a “speed run” on the first attempt. It turns out that this new angle can reset Mario’s muscle memory. This was an exhilarating brain activity to endure.

Traditionalists can be pleased because Bowser is once again working on his crazy kidnapping 3D world.. This time he has captured seven adorable fairy-like creatures that appear to have some importance. At the end of each world, and when Bowser’s castle is complete, you are one step closer to rescuing the fairy and (again) trampling on the King of Nokonoko. It’s something I stopped worrying about about a few minutes after being featured on the plot, but that’s a typical reaction I think most people have for most of these games.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowers Fury

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The variety of world maps and level themes is probably the most disappointing, and the game shows the age at this harbor. There are standard fire, ice, grass and water levels, but nothing stands out. The strangest thing it gets is a circus-themed world, but even those feel half-hearted.Recent platformers like Crash 4 And Ori and the Will of the Wisps Since 2013, we have simply raised the bar.

Bowser’s wrath

This adventure plays like a 3D Mario prototype. Bowser’s Fury is a semi-open world sandbox that gives the series a new sense of freedom. Bowser’s Fury is a set of points of interest that you can explore in virtually any order, rather than being limited to one particular world. Collect the brilliance of cats instead of stars, which is the same concept. I’m not new to games, but when I saw Nintendo let me go wherever I wanted to play Mario games, it still felt strange, but I loved experiencing it.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowers Fury

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The main hook of Bowser’s Fury is the ability to use a constant countdown clock. Every six minutes, Bowser appears in one of the most brutal forms ever, setting fire to Mario and throwing things. Gradually scrape his health bar and collect enough brilliance to unlock Gigacat Mario. This is a huge version of an Italian plumber who can go from toe to toe in action-packed battles. The giant set the heavy metal score. It’s wild, weird, and short, so I hope we can see more in the next full-scale 3D Mario title.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowers Fury

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Nintendo Switch has three Mario titles: Mario Odyssey, Super Mario Maker 2, and now Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. The game is always a challenging, amazing, and satisfying super-powerful platformer, and the additional bonus of Bowser’s wrath further enhances the package. It’s a strong “wahoo” from me.

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