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Wichita, Kansas 2022-06-24 08:54:21 –

Hutch, Kansas (KSNW) —Approximately four months after a wildfire destroyed dozens of Hutchinson homes, Hutchinson’s fire chief said he had to wait longer to replace damaged equipment. increase.

One of the $ 250,000 worth of HFD brush trucks was destroyed in the Cottonwood Complex Fire in March 2022. The biggest difficulty in replacing that truck is buying a baseframe or chassis.

Currently, the department has ordered four base frames, but those that normally take three to four months to replace now have an estimated waiting time of six to two years.

“In 34 years of work, I’ve never seen this much,” said Chief Steve Beer.

From tire replacement to baseframes, supply chain issues have forced his department to rethink their budget, Beer says.

“The way we do business has changed completely,” Beer said. “In January and February, we make purchases ahead of schedule. We are ahead of schedule to get such things, so it’s not the back end of the equipment we’ve been waiting for for two years.”

“I’ve been looking at it for about two years just to get a baseline track,” said Joe Kitzman, office manager at Hays Fire Rescue Sales and Services.

Kitsman sells firefighting equipment throughout the state. He says supply chain issues are causing him to build extra time on fire department contracts.

“”[In] In September 2021, I received a bid for this truck. The chassis will not be manufactured until October of this year, “said Kitzman.

According to Kittsman, many of his suppliers charge additional fees for orders even after the contract is signed.

“We are like their mercy at this point,” he said.

Local fire departments could be hit harder financially, Kittsman said.

“For purposes such as subsidies, trucks need to be built on a new chassis,” he said.

KSN News 3 has contacted Pierce Manufacturing, which supplies the fleet to Hutchinson and other regional fire departments. The spokesman could not comment.

Supply chain issues hit area fire departments Source link Supply chain issues hit area fire departments

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