Supply chain issues impact Christmas tree farms – Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska 2021-11-30 08:21:09 –

Bennington, Nevada (KMTV) — At Bennington Pines Christmas Tree Farm, owner Jeff Volmer is already feeling the impact of national supply chain issues.

“All I’ve seen is getting the precuts that many customers like. You can only get about 85 Christmas trees. Usually, the previous owner could get 150-200.” Vollmer said.

Vollmer attributed the shortage to a variety of causes.

“There have been a lot of droughts in the last few years and it’s catching up with the supply right now. Last year everyone was buying a Christmas tree. That’s my understanding of precuts,” Vollmer said.

The farm had to go over to pick up their precuts.

“We actually went and picked up the precuts because we were very stagnant and they wanted to get them here sooner. The trees have already been cut for a few weeks. So we went ahead and picked them up ourselves. They were cut. ”

Glen Andersen owns a country conifer in Blair and has noticed a 22% increase in the price of tree stands. He also noticed a shortage of saplings due to the tight market.

“It causes great anxiety on my part trying to make sure I have the saplings on time,” Andersen said.

Andersen also said that business may need to be done differently to get what it needs.

“Fares have risen significantly. We plan to get the wood from Wisconsin and instead of shipping it here, we suggested going to Wisconsin to pick it up and save money,” Andersen said.

Despite market changes, Andersen sticks to hope: it’s not really Christmas without living trees.

“A real Christmas tree is a way to celebrate Christmas. The artificial thing is to take it out of the box, stand it up, and put it back in the box,” Andersen says.

“Everyone is excited just by smiling, which is why it’s important to keep going,” Volmer said.

Due to the lack of precuts, Vollmer says families need to be creative, such as finding and logging trees in the fields.

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Supply chain issues impact Christmas tree farms Source link Supply chain issues impact Christmas tree farms

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