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In less than four weeks before Christmas, Christine Vegari is in a hurry to find enough doll styling heads to give to children in need.

However, California-based non-profit family giving tree purchasing coordinators say it’s hard to find them, or racially diverse Barbie and Disney princess dolls. Other charities donating to children during vacations have enough game consoles, laptops and other electronics in the global shortage of chips used in cars, phones and other devices. He also states that he is facing the challenge of finding.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” Vegari said. “Our greatest fear is that we can’t get the quality gifts we want, or generally enough.”

Attempting to allow thousands of holiday wish requests has always been a challenge for Vegari. However, this year’s global supply chain bottleneck has run out of more items, making it difficult to fulfill many holiday wishes for the 34,000 children and adults who will be helping in the Bay Area this holiday season. Therefore, it was completely miserable.

Some wholesalers have already notified her that the purchase has not arrived. That is, you can choose to get a refund or buy another item. If the child does not receive her favorite gift, she said the organization will give them a “second wish” or try to find another alternative.

Similar concerns are felt all over the country COVIDRelated supply chain disruptions created by clogging of US ports, a shortage of workers to move cargo, and rising transportation costs can empty store shelves and raise prices for some products.

According to Group Executive Director Pamela Mastrota, the slowdown in the supply chain is one of the main reasons why donations of new toys to the Toy Foundation have fallen by nearly 80% in dollar value this year compared to 2019. It is an industry association for the toy industry and serves as a charity for the manufacturer’s entire industry.

The lack of trade fairs due to the COVID-19 pandemic has also hindered collection activities for the second year in a row, squeezing the ability to receive gifts for sick, poverty, or other needy children.

“This year and last year was a real challenge,” said Mastrota. “But especially this year.”

Mastrota’s current only hope is whether more toys will be donated soon. However, such donations could further emphasize the rate of return of manufacturers facing the pressure to pass on high shipping costs and increased costs to consumers.

Charity is on this holiday as Jim Silver, CEO of toy industry review websites Toys, Tots, Pets & More, is stuck in a US port where many containers holding products are experiencing records. It will reduce toy donations from manufacturers during the season. The amount of shipping containers as the economy recovers from the pandemic.

“There will be a shortage,” he said. “definitely.”

Last month, President Joe Biden announced plans to establish 24-hour operations at U.S.’s largest port of Los Angeles to curb inflation caused by a shortage of truck drivers waiting to dock and carry cargo. bottom. Port officials say some of the bottlenecks have since eased, but experts say it will take a long time for things to return to normal.

Silver says small and medium-sized manufacturers that primarily produce toys in countries like China feel more pressured by supply chain issues than large ones. But even MGA Entertainment, the American toy giant that makes Bratz, is feeling confused! And LOL surprise! doll.

The company’s CEO, Isaac Larian, says that hundreds of toy-filled containers were waiting to pass through the port of California, thus meeting only 70% of the demand for goods.

“These items don’t arrive at Christmas,” Larian said. And the toys in the store are 23% higher than last year, he said. His advice to anyone looking for a toy is simple. Shop now.

Despite previous planning processes, many gift requests for gaming systems and other items submitted to One Simple Wish are out of stock or face significant shipping delays and societies around the world. Daniela Greto, the founder of an organization that works with welfare agencies, said. A country that promotes holidays hopes that everyone can give to children in need.

“It clearly hinders our ability to meet all these needs in time for the vacation,” Gletow said. “Our goal is to get everything out at least a week before Christmas.”

To avoid further delays, she says the organization encourages donors to give their wishes earlier than the previous year.

Toys for Tots, the most famous toy donation drive in the United States operated by the US Marine Corps Reserve, does not anticipate a shortage, said David Cooper, vice president of operations for the organization. He said he bought about $ 16.5 million worth of toys this spring to mitigate the impact of supply chain problems on donations.

Due to the higher costs this year, there are concerns that more families may register to receive toys. However, a Toys for Tots spokeswoman said early indicators of the holiday collection effort are pointing in a positive direction.

Some of the past donations went to the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program. The program also collects gifts for children and families in need during the holidays. The organization estimates that approximately 5 million gifts will be donated each year through the program. This year, Salvation Army Commissioner Kenneth Hodder says there are concerns that many children may not receive gifts on time.

“We encourage everyone who has generously supported us in the past and wants to do so again this year to shop early and deliver those toys to us as soon as possible. “He said.

At Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian relief charity, concerns are focused on shipping delays. David Thompson, senior director of the international division of the group’s Operation Christmas Child project, said the organization aims to send 9.7 million shoeboxes filled with Christian materials and gifts to children in more than 100 countries. say. However, a shortage of truck drivers, delivery equipment and other factors is delaying the situation.

“We have to be flexible,” Thompson said. “But our national team, volunteers, and logistic network are strong, and we are confident that this program will run with the same level of excellence as ever.”

Supply chain problems hit charities’ holiday gifts for kids Source link Supply chain problems hit charities’ holiday gifts for kids

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