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Supporting local veteran-owned businesses during Military Appreciation Month – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Colorado Springs — Hundreds of cadets graduate from the Air Force Academy on Wednesday. May, on the other hand, is also a month of military appreciation, and many military personnel turn to entrepreneurship after serving in the military. This also applies to graduates of the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

Scott Koons graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1993. In 2010, he opened the first Colorado Mountain Brewery location outside Interquest Parkway. The business car park offers views of the Falcon Stadium, where the graduation ceremony takes place, and is one of the best seats in the Thunderbirds Air Show home.

“We’re a great place to see all the activities. It’s definitely an emotional time. We’re very proud of the cadets,” said Koons, who served in the Air Force for five years. I did.

This week has special implications for graduates of Koons and other Air Force Academy in town. But for many veterans like him, the skills they have learned in the army also help them become successful business owners.

“Many military personnel are really good problem solvers, motivated and dedicated to seeing their missions carried out,” Koons said. “And I think that’s a lot of entrepreneurship and what happens in entrepreneurship.”

According to a Small and Medium Business Administration survey, veterans are 45% more likely to own a small business than others.

Also veteran Scott DeThomas is the owner of two businesses in Colorado Springs, Handyman and Electric. He started his business in 2019 and 2020.

“From leadership to talent skills, operations execution, budget management. Between training, education and the experience of most veterans, they really help small business ownership,” DeThomas said. ..

De Tomás is an Army and Air Force veteran who has served for over 30 years and hopes that other military personnel will become entrepreneurs after graduation.

“I hope more veterans are educated about the joys and opportunities of owning a business,” De Thomas said. “The ability of them to run their business while keeping our country safe is very important to my success.”

According to DeThomas, 95% of what you need at home can be done by a handyman like you work for his company. And while the business is still quite new, he says he has received a lot of support from the El Paso community so far.

“The amount of support from the local community and non-veterans is clearly worth it. My family and I were stationed here 12 to 13 years ago. Clearly strong veteran pride. Yes, it’s the perfect niche to join. “

When it comes to Colorado Mountain Breweries, they are also giving back to the veteran and active military community. They have an ale and IPA dedicated to the military and air force academy and are proud to be the home of cadets. The brewery sponsored cadets this year as well.

“It’s exciting to look back through him over the last four years and see what challenges and challenges await, and these guys are cadets of the Air Force Academy for their last day. I’m excited to know that there will be a second lieutenant soon. I will join the Air Force tomorrow, “Koons said.

Supporting local veteran-owned businesses during Military Appreciation Month Source link Supporting local veteran-owned businesses during Military Appreciation Month

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