Supreme Court Judge Stephen Breyer: Democrats need to “listen to Republicans.”U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court Judge Stephen Breyer told a young American Democratic Party When faced with Republican uncompromising, sabotage, and outright attacks on democracy, “you have to talk to them” for compromise and progress.

Briar was speaking to junior high and high school students on Friday at an event hosted by the National Constitution Center.

On the same day, Senate Republicans deployed a filibuster that allowed the minority to thwart the will of the majority. Blockade the facility A 9/11-style commission to investigate the January 6 attacks on the US Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump.

Thomas Kean, who led the 9/11 panel, told The Guardian that the Republican move was “Democracy loss“.

From the White House, Joe Biden faces Republicans hesitating to get involved in investment plans for infrastructure and pandemic-stricken economies.In the concert Republican State Voting Rights Attack, It seems unlikely that a federal bill to protect such rights will pass the Senate.

“Do you need Republican support?” Breyer told the listening students. “Talk to them … you say,’What do you think? Friend, what do you think?” When they start talking, they will eventually say you agree. “

Democrats disagree with Mr. Trump’s lie that Biden’s defeat in the presidential election is the result of an election breach. They disagree with the Republicans. Trying to overturn the Roe v. Wade caseA 1973 Supreme Court ruling protecting women’s right to abortion.

After the court won a 6-3 majority conservative Republican It broke the precedent that prevented Barack Obama’s final appointment, then appointed three judges under Trump, and in the last case reversed their position on the appointment of the last year of the presidential term.

Breyer spoke less than two weeks after the court agreed to the hearing. Big challenge To the right to abortion.

The next term of office heard by the judge will begin in October and will include Mississippi’s attempt to revive the law banning surgery after the 15th week of pregnancy.

Conservative Clarence Thomas, who has supported abortion restrictions in 2019, Appeal to the court Don’t be tied to supporting precedent. Asked about the value of adhering to past decisions, Mr. Breyer said the court should overturn the case only in “rare cases that are really needed” and that the law is about stability.

“The law may not be perfect, but if you are constantly changing the law, people will not know what to do. The more you change the law, the more people want it to change. The more the court hears it, the more they will change it. “

Many leftists want change on the court in the form of Breyer’s retirement. death Last September, 87-year-old progressive champion Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s 82-year-old Briar was the oldest judge on the panel.Replaced by Ginsburg Amy Coney BarrettIt is widely accepted that strict Catholics are likely to support breaking the precedent for abortion.

After Anthony Kennedy retired, another conservative magistrate, Brett Kavanaugh, was appointed by Republicans. Support by Trump’s White House. Kennedy was conservative, but voted for an important ruling on personal rights. Mr. Kavanaugh, who was once an aide to President George W. Bush, is more certainly right-wing.

Breyer told students between the ages of 11 and 18 that he was watching the rerun of the popular sitcom M * A * S * H, which aired between 1972 and 1983, as a daily routine. Also, ride an exercise bike and meditate.

Mr. Breyer questioned the growing polarization and said he was “basically optimistic” about concerns that the United States might split. Despite all its flaws, he said American democracy was “better than other options.”

He also urged the audience to put “unfortunate things” into the historical context.

“It was before,” he said. “This is not the first time people have been discouraged by the democratic process. This is not the first time there has been real racism in this country. Before that it was slavery.”

Supreme Court Judge Stephen Breyer: Democrats need to “listen to Republicans.”U.S. Supreme Court

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