Supreme Court ruling confirms the role of open source in modern software development

Supreme Court ruling in favor of

Alphabet Of a corporation

10-year court battle with Google

Oracle Co., Ltd.

Experts say they reaffirm the business model behind open source software and share some of their computer code for free.

The· Monday decision Google said it did not violate copyright protection when it used a line of Java computer code that allowed the Android mobile operating system to connect to other software. Oracle is Sun Microsystems Inc., which created Java in 2010. Was acquired.

According to experts, the ruling confirms the right of companies to use each other’s software to some extent, a practice that is key to innovation and interoperability. Some have expressed concern that the line between fair use and piracy is unclear, which can make it difficult for startups to get a return on their investment. Others said the ruling in favor of Oracle could have fostered a wave of copyright proceedings that could discourage open source practices.

Open source software developers want their software to be available for free and users to pay for add-ons such as enterprise-grade features and technical support. Programmers can modify, share, or create new applications from the underlying source code without paying a license fee. Android is an example of open source software as well as platforms that support the Linux operating system, Firefox browser, digital currency Ether and Python computer languages.

By sharing the code, we captured the spirit of early software development on the Web and the original hacker’s mindset. Since then, this idea has become more mainstream.

International business machine Co., Ltd.

In July 2019, we completed a $ 33 billion deal with Red Hat, which claims to be the world’s largest open source company.

Microsoft Co., Ltd.

In 2018, GitHub Inc, a software code repository that hosts many open source projects. Was acquired.last year

Goldman Sachs Group Co., Ltd.

The data modeling platform has been open sourced.

“Google Platform has grown and market dominance has grown. Oracle said in a statement on Monday’s ruling.

Google’s Chief Legal Officer and Senior Vice President of International Affairs Kent Walker told The Wall Street Journal in an interview that the ruling provides legal certainty to software developers. “Innovation comes from standing on each other’s shoulders, and that’s what’s happening here,” Walker said.

David Mooter, Senior Analyst, Information Technology Research Company

Forrester Research Co., Ltd.

Oracle’s favorable decision would expose open source software makers to copyright trolls that threaten proceedings over similarities between competing software codes, he said. He added that these similarities are common because there are so many ways to write code.

“Avoiding that threat facilitates the open source business model,” says Mutter.

Mark Bohannon, Red Hat’s Vice President of Global Public Policy and Associate General Counsel, said: “If the Supreme Court had endorsed Oracle, the risks of open source and software would generally have been significant,” Bohannon said.

Red Hat said in a statement released after Tuesday’s ruling that the decision was a win for developers and the software industry. “We recognize the important role of software interfaces in facilitating innovation, interoperability and new technologies,” the company said.

Red Hat and Mozilla Corp. Several open source companies, including Google, have submitted Amikas briefs in favor of Google during the course of the trial.

However, some experts warn that this decision could hinder software innovation. R “Ray” Wang, founder and chief analyst at Constellation Research Inc, said:

Kelley Mak, principal of Work-Bench, a venture capital firm focused on enterprise technology, said the decision could be a double-edged sword when it comes to open source.

“One of the challenges for the industry is how these commercial open source companies create enough value to build a lasting company that isn’t included in the case of large cloud players such as: Is it possible?


Or Microsoft will reproduce it, “Mak said.

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Supreme Court ruling confirms the role of open source in modern software development

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