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Democrats and environmental groups are clamoring for the Supreme Court’s ruling at the West Virginia Environmental Protection Agency. This has a dramatic impact on the government’s ambitions for climate change. But also because of the world’s ability to reduce emissions at the speed and scale that scientists say is needed to avoid catastrophic climate change.


Decisions like WV vs. EPA reveal how fraudulent the system is against us.

The Supreme Court, which supports the fossil fuel industry over people’s health and safety, is anti-life and illegal.

— Sunrise movement 🌅 (@sunrisemvmt) June 30, 2022

Our planet is on fire, and this radical Supreme Court has destroyed the federal government’s ability to counterattack.

This radical Supreme Court is increasingly facing a crisis of legitimacy and we cannot give them a final word.

— Elizabeth Warren (@SenWarren) June 30, 2022

From the dissenting opinion of a liberal judge:

Judge Cagan: “The court appoints climate policy decision makers, not parliament or academic institutions. I can’t think of anything more scary. In honor, I disagree.”

— Kylegriffin1 (@ kylegriffin1) June 30, 2022

The session may have ended, but that’s not all from the Supreme Court today. Our Sam Levine states that the Supreme Court has announced that it will take up “very important” proceedings related to constituency changes and other election law disputes next year.

Breaking News: The Supreme Court has agreed that state courts will hear a very important case that challenges the right to consider constituency changes and other election law disputes.

— Sam Levine (@srl) June 30, 2022

Just In: The Supreme Court in North Carolina proceedings as to whether a state court or legislature has the final say in an election. It will be a test of the “independent state legislature” theory that underpinned much of Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 elections.

— Allan Smith (@akarl_smith) June 30, 2022

The Supreme Court has empowered Biden to end its controversial “stay in Mexico” policy, which forces asylum seekers arriving primarily from Central America to the southern border to wait for approval in Mexico. I decided to have it in 5-4.

The decision was written by the Supreme Court Justice John Roberts Justice has joined Brett Kavanaugh And three liberals in court. Formally known as the Immigration Protection Protocol, the program was founded by the Trump administration as a means of stopping immigrants on the southwestern border. Under this policy, tens of thousands of migrants have been returned to Mexico, awaiting consideration of their case in filthy and dangerous camps along the border.

Here are the details from you about what the decision means.

Biden can end Trump’s “stay in Mexico” policy, Supreme Court rules

In the second and final decision of the day, the Supreme Court on Thursday said Biden could end the controversial Trump-era immigration policy known to remain in Mexico. The ruling confirms the president’s broad power to set the country’s immigration policy.

The ruling concludes the most important Supreme Court term in recent memory.

“I have the authority to announce that the court has responded to all cases submitted to the court for this term’s decision,” Roberts said. write in In his term-end statement. The court is currently adjourned “from today until the first Monday of October 2022.”

Supreme Court limits federal authority to regulate carbon emissions

The Supreme Court on Thursday severely curtailed the federal government’s authority to limit carbon emissions from existing power plants, hitting the government’s climate goals.

In a 6-3 ruling, a conservative majority of courts favored conservative states and fossil fuel companies in a move that hampered efforts to move the United States from coal-fired power plants to renewable energy sources.

The decision is “Serious impact on the overall regulatory power of the government” and”Seriously impedes America’s ability to stop the tragedy Global warmingwrite in Oliver MillmanGuardian’s Environmental Reporter.

Details from Oliver are as follows:

This case, backed by hosts in other Republican-led states, including Texas and Kentucky, is Clean power plan, A strategy of the Obama era to reduce emissions from coal-fired power plants that did not come into effect. The Biden administration called for the case to be dismissed as groundless, given that the plan was withdrawn and has not been revived.

The case wasn’t just about regulations that didn’t exist, never came into force, and would have imposed obligations on the energy sector that it would meet regardless. It also contains two principles not mentioned in the Constitution. And most scholars agree that federal law is unfounded.

But the Supreme Court argues that even if coal emissions help, EPA’s “unelected bureaucrats” should not be allowed to reshape the economy by limiting pollution. Supported West Virginia, a major coal mining country Cause deterioration Floods, heat waves, droughts, and toxic air around the world have killed millions of people.

Appearing in the Supreme Court for more than 10 years is the most important climate change case.

Liz CheneyA Republican member of Wyoming said her party had a choice. It may be faithful to Donald Trump or the Constitution, but not both.

She attacked in a bitter speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley Republican He ignored or downplayed exposure to Trump’s attempt to overturn the 2020 elections and accused him of “pleasing the hostages with this dangerous and irrational man.”

“Republicans can’t be loyal to Donald Trump and the Constitution, so we have to choose.” She said, According to the LA Times..

Her name, the daughter of Republican Vice President Dick Cheney, was once synonymous with the conservatism of the small government that defined the party. But now she realizes she’s been banished, and a lonely Trump critic decides to break his grip on her party, even if it sacrifices her political career. did.

Biden supports changes to filibuster rules to codify Roe

Mr Biden said he supported changing the Senate filibuster rules to codify the right to abortion nationwide.

“We must codify the Roe v. Wade case by law, and the wire to do it is to ensure that Congress votes to do it. And filibuster If it gets in the way, it’s like voting rights … you have to demand an exception to the filibuster for this action, “he said.

Filibuster requires 60 votes to proceed with most legislation in an evenly divided Senate. All 50 Democrats and 2 Republican Theoretically, he said he would support the law codifying abortion, eight votes below the 60-vote threshold. However, the Democratic Party lacks the 50 votes needed to eliminate or change the filibuster rule.

Mr Biden said he would meet with a group of governors on Friday to discuss the right to abortion, under pressure from pro-choice supporters that he was not doing enough. He told reporters that he would announce a long-held action by the federal government to protect access to abortion at the event.

Given his evolution on abortion, Biden is asked if he is the party’s best messenger on this issue.

He laughed: “Yes, I am.”

“I am the President of the United States, which makes me the best messenger,” he said. “I’m the only president they got, and I feel very strongly that I’m trying to do everything I can legally do with respect to presidential orders.

The important thing here is, if you care, whether the voting data is correct, and we consider this decision by the court to be anger or a serious mistake. vote. Please appear and vote. Vote off-year and vote. That’s how we change it. “

Biden “retreats” the United States in almost daily exposure to the shocking efforts to end the constitutional rights of abortion, expand weapons, soar inflation, and predecessors stick to power. He claimed that no world leader believed that.

In Madrid, he said, he only heard world leaders thank the United States for their leadership in Ukraine.

“One of the destabilities is not only the Roe v. Wade case, but the exorbitant behavior of the US Supreme Court in essentially challenging the right to privacy,” he said.

Regarding the Roe v. Wade decision, Biden said:

Asked if the day would come when the United States could no longer support Ukraine, he said no. He said he did not know when and how the war would end, but vowed that “it would not end with Russia’s defeat of Ukraine in Ukraine.”

“The reason gas prices are rising is because of Russia,” says Biden. “Russia, Russia, Russia.”

Russian leader Vladimirputin, He said. “I’m getting exactly what he didn’t want. He wanted NATO to be Finnish. He got NATO to Finland.”

Biden is holding a press conference in Madrid.

“This summit was about strengthening our alliance and addressing the challenges of our world today and the threats we will face in the future,” Biden said. He said the world has changed since NATO last drafted its mission statement, which considered Russia an ally and did not mention China.

He also praised the decision to welcome Finland and Sweden to join the NATO alliance.

He mistakenly said “Switzerland” instead of Sweden, caught himself and made a joke. “Switzerland. My goodness. I’m really worried about NATO enlargement here. Sweden!”

He again declared that the United States was ready to defend “every inch” of NATO’s territory. “The United States is rallying the world to confront Ukraine.”

Supreme Court making the final decision on the blockbuster period

good morning And welcome to the day’s live coverage in politics.

Today, Americans are preparing for two major decisions that conclude that they are one of the most important Supreme Court conditions in decades. From abortion to guns, a 6-3 conservative majority decision has dramatically changed American life. Now we are waiting for their views on two incidents that could have significant consequences for the government’s policy-making capabilities.

  • Justice after the end of this blockbuster session Stephen Breyer Officially retired at noon, Ketanji Brown Jackson It is sworn in as the latest quasi-justice at a small ceremony.Judge John Roberts Taking a constitutional oath, Breyer makes a judicial oath.
  • in the meantime, Joe Biden He concludes his trip to Europe. There he met with allies of Europe and NATO. He will be speaking and asking questions from reporters at a press conference in Madrid at some point this morning.
  • Last night, the House Committee investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol issued a subpoena for a former White House adviser. Pat Siporone. Cassidy Hutchinson, Former White House Chief of Staff, Donald Trump’s Last Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, According to Hutchinson, Siporon testified on Tuesday that Trump insisted not to go to the Capitol with his supporters, as Congress proved his victory in Biden’s election on January 6.

Supreme Court ruling: Court arrangements hurt climate, but Biden wins immigration proceedings – Live | US Politics

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