Surfing ready to make a splash at the Olympics and move away from stereotypes | Tokyo Olympics 2020

AAt the prestigious Billabong Pipeline Masters in 2019, Italo Feheila and Gabriel Medina, the final event of the final World Surfing Championship Tour (CT) season, competed for the world title in a duel. It was an important event. Two of the most prominent Brazilian surfers at the moment, rowing in the sparkling clear waters of Oahu, Hawaii, are trying to win the biggest award in the sport, reflecting both the present and future of surfing. I faced off. Once a sport dominated by Americans and Australians in turn, Brazil is using both as the focus of today’s men’s field.

When the competition began, it showed one of the most undervalued and attractive aspects of competitive surfing. Two-time world champion Medina is famous for his spiritual strength, but ten seconds after the contest, when Ferreira came forward and grabbed it herself, Medina was tentatively the first wave. Retreated from. He thundered the sides of the waves and turned smoothly at the bottom before his final victory. The crowd on the beach cheered. The tone has been set. Ferreira quickly claimed himself, and in the following 39 minutes, the volatile Medina couldn’t perform enough to deny him the first world title.

At best, surfing can choose waves wisely, better understand the situation, even threaten enemies with their pure presence, and often win by those who never leave their sights one-on-one. It is a mental contest of. It’s also, in a nutshell, one of the greatest athlete feats in sports. Surfers run down a wall of water, exiting a colliding barrel, jumping into the air and landing on a moving surface below. Huge core strength, tree trunk legs, balance and power are all necessary attributes.

When surfing goes into the Olympic fold, the first question is simply whether it works. Of all the places of surfing to make an Olympic debut, this place is not the ideal place to introduce sports to the wider world. The smaller the waves, the less chance surfers will have the full potential of their skills. Enter Tsurusaki Beach, the venue for surfing events in Chiba, about 40 miles from Tokyo. well known Because of that little wave during the summer during the period.

Of all the places of surfing that make its Olympic debut, Tsurugasaki Beach is not the ideal place to show off sports. Photo: Carl Court / Getty Images

Also, few events are more difficult to track than surfing. Surfing relies on the ocean, the most unpredictable battlefield of all sports. The correct conditions must be met on certain days of the competition. Otherwise, it will be postponed until another day. Competition and broadcast coverage day Seemingly endless A flow of time with sufficient dead time. In addition to the actual opponents, the surfers are competing with the sea, and even the subjective scores of the judges can lead to satisfactory results.

Still, there is a lot of joy in following sports. One of the recent thrills is the clear and steady improvement in female CT. The tour now offers comparable prizes, and female surfers continue to become more dynamic by deepening their talent pool. The progression was highlighted by Carissa Moore of Hawaii, who is now the dominant figure. In april, she Start air reverse High in the sky, became the first woman to perform such an operation in competition. After Moore landed, when he grabbed his face incredibly, his opponent, Joan Dofe, applauded from the water.

Gabriel Medina of Brazil is working on a wave of surf lunches during the Olympic practice round.
Gabriel Medina of Brazil is working on a wave of surf lunches during the Olympic practice round. Photo: Gary Kazanjian / AP

Today, few characters are more attractive than Medina, the definitive figure in the last decade of surfing. His first world title in 2014 helped promote the rise of Brazilian surfing, and his success was reflected in his number of social media and his intimate friendship with Neymar, making him at home. Made a superstar, but for others, his relentless spirit of victory marked him as a resident villain.His ruthlessness comes from the 2019 “Interference” drama Blocked opponent From taking the waves in the dying minutes of their contest, to some Comical explosion Early in his career.

But above all, Medina is just an amazing surfer.He creates the most Amazing height In the air, he is still very well rounded with his strengths. From time to time, he seems to be slowing down and creating a constant stream of excellence from the abundant waves while his enemies struggle to catch up. His ability to produce consistently was unmatched this year.

Quick guide

New Olympic sports in Tokyo 2020


Baseball and softball

Returning home for the first time since Beijing in 2008, both sports will find an ambitious audience in Japan, where they are very popular. Men compete in baseball. In baseball, the pitch is overhand, reaching over 100mph from a distance of 60 feet. Women are underhand on the pitch and compete with softball, which can reach only 40 feet to about 60 mph. There is no interest in the UK.


It will be held at the Nippon Budokan, which was born in Japan and is considered to be the spiritual home of martial arts. Kata in the solo division will see the athlete show off his technique alone. Kumite will be judged on a 3-minute flight that spans three different weight classes. There is no interest in the UK.


The skateboarding held at Ariake Urban Sports Park is divided into two divisions. The park is held on a smooth course and the streets include obstacles such as benches, stairs, rails and slopes. British concerns Sky Brown and Bombet Martin will compete in park competitions at the ages of 13 and 14.

Sports climbing

It is divided into three divisions: bouldering, speed and lead. In bouldering, athletes complete many routes with as few trials as possible, but at higher speeds, the two athletes compete with the simple goal of reaching the top first. In the lead category, climbers climbed for 6 minutes and the winner was the one who finished at the top.British Interest: Shauna Coxsey


Surfing takes place in the form of a 30-minute heat at Tsurusaki Beach, 40 miles from Tokyo, with the first round being a heat of 4-5 athletes and the subsequent rounds being a one-on-one contest. .. Surfers are rated by a 10-point judge based on speed, power and flow.

3×3 basketball

A more structured version of pickup basketball played in recreation around the world, a team of three players and one agent competes on a half-court in one basket. They play up to 21 points and the top team wins if the game is not decided within 10 minutes. There is no interest in the UK.

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Some oppose it because it sees surfing as an Olympic sport as a lifestyle far more than competition, while others are afraid of the more crowded beaches that may come from its growing popularity.

Anyway, what this Olympics represents for surfers and all new sports is the opportunity to show their profession on the biggest stage of showing all the athletic abilities, skills, talents and jobs needed to succeed. Their sport.

Curious spectators will get a glimpse of surfing for the first time and then have the opportunity to stay for the next two weeks or more. Time will tell you if they will.

Surfing ready to make a splash at the Olympics and move away from stereotypes | Tokyo Olympics 2020

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