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Surgeons generally defend the legality of Biden vaccine obligations

Dr. Bibek Mercy, a surgeon general Sunday’s television show to defend the Biden administration’s new Covid vaccine obligation describes them as: Narrow directives that apply only to certain occupations in which the federal government “has the legal authority to act” — a direct countermeasure against Republican criticism of unconstitutional federal overkill.

Dr. Mercy called the ABC program plan “this week” “ambitious and thoughtful,” and said that “this kind of requirement actually helps improve our vaccination coverage.” He said they are part of “a serious step that must be taken to protect our country from Covid-19 and help us overcome this pandemic.”

He quoted Tyson Foods, one of the top meat processors in the United States. In August, It said it needed Covid vaccination for that employee. The surgeon’s general said the company’s vaccination rate “surged from 45% to over 70% in a very short period of time.” And they haven’t reached the deadline yet. “

Obligation — either vaccination or weekly testing — Covers 17 million healthcare professionals in Medicare and Medicaid funding agencies. There are also about 80 million employees in private companies with more than 100 workers.

Asked about Innovative use of the administration Occupational Safety and Health BureauRegarding the authority over private workplaces to carry out mandates, Dr. Mercy said the administration believed it was “appropriate” and “legal.”

OSHA’s basic law “gives authorities the responsibility to ensure that the workplace is safe for workers, and that is what this measure does,” he said.

Republican governors in some states have promised to file proceedings to prevent the rules from coming into force. Opposition, which reflects anger and fear, has been agitated by the Covid vaccine among a significant proportion of GOP voters.

Asked if the new order would solidify the call for civil disobedience and opposition to Covid vaccination, Dr. Mercy said that people were tired of the wave of viral illnesses and lost patience with safety precautions. He said he could understand it completely.

But he pointed out the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attack the day before, as a model for how nations could unite around the crisis.

“This was a long and difficult pandemic. I know it produced a lot of anger, a lot of fatigue, a lot of impatience,” he said.

“But what we can’t forgive is that this pandemic turns us towards each other,” he added. Our enemy is a virus. It’s not each other. “

Dr. Mercy on CNN’s “State of the Union” People have admitted to trying to circumvent their obligations by religious tax exemption and other means, but for decades, for example, how to implement childhood vaccination as a requirement for attendance at school. Said that he learned.

“We have experience dealing with tax exemptions, but we need to be vigilant there and make sure that people are using them in the spirit they intended. As you know, they abuse or exempt them. Don’t ask. Don’t apply. “

Surgeons generally defend the legality of Biden vaccine obligations

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