Surgeons question the explanation of how Johnny Depp amputated his finger.US news

Defamation trial with Johnny Depp Amber Heard Entered the fifth and last week of testimony on Monday with Hard Witnesses who testify that Depp could not lose the tip of his finger in the way he spoke during the domestic battle.

The serious injury to the middle finger that occurred when lining up during a short marriage between Depp and Hard in Australia in March 2015 was one of several important issues in a civil lawsuit.

Depp said in a trial that Hard was injured when he threw a bottle of vodka at him.

Haad said he had never seen concretely how the injury happened, but said it happened the night when the furious and drunken Depp sexually assaulted her in a bottle.

Surgeon Richard Moore testified Monday in a court in Fairfax County, Virginia, that Depp’s explanation was unlikely. Moore, who did not treat Depp, said his fingernails would have been exposed and damaged, as Depp explained the placement with his palms down.

Depp gave various explanations about the injury, sometimes doing it himself, catching it during the accordion door, and saying he lied to protect Hard.

In a December 2018 editorial in The Washington Post, Depp accused defamation in Fairfax County and described himself as a “public figure representing domestic violence.”

His lawyer said his name wasn’t mentioned, but he was disgraced by the article.

Depp denies that he hit Hard and says she was an abuser of the relationship.

I heard about more than 12 separate examples of physical abuse she says she suffered from Depp’s hands.

Hard psychiatrists later claimed on Monday that Depp’s chemical dependence, narcissism, and the need for control biased him into relationship violence.

David Spiegel testifies that signs of intimate violence (IPV) warning permeate the narcissist personality, weaken self-control, change mood rapidly, jealousy, and worship power and control. bottom.

I heard amber in court with her lawyer. Photo: Steve Hellber / EPA

“Intimidation, destruction of furniture and property, destruction of things, writing on walls and mirrors, writing blood on furniture,” Spiegel testified, all of which may indicate interpersonal violence.

On a strange turn in a lengthy incident, Spiegel said Depp’s “processing speed” was delayed, his remarks were “disconnected”, and his film line was supplied to him via earpieces at the time of filming. rice field.

“I don’t think the actor is given the entire script on a daily basis through earpieces,” Spiegel said.

“Do you know if Marlon Brando used earpieces?” Depp’s lawyer asked Spiegel.

“Is he not dead?” Spiegel replied. “The answer is no; he’s not using it now.”

Depp didn’t remember the three words when asked to repeat them five minutes later, Spiegel said. The inability of the actor to remember the words that were not given was “unusual” for people of his age, suggesting that the use of drugs and alcohol affected memory function.

Aside from allegations of physical violence at the heart of defamation cases, Spiegel is an intimate partner who “pretends to maintain control” of Depp’s intimidation, intimidation, verbal explosions, and economic abuse. He testified that it was part of the violence.

Depp said his career had collapsed after an article in The Washington Post.

Haad’s lawyer on Monday said she also lost her film after a spokeswoman for Depp called Haad a “fraud” and her allegations were “abuse hoaxes.”

In five years, entertainment industry consultant Catherine Arnold said Hard was able to earn $ 45- $ 50 million from film, cosmetology, and fashion endorsement deals.

Arnold said Hard’s career followed a “great and steady rise” before the “damaging” statement made by Depp PR Adam Waldman in 2020.

Arnold said Aquaman should have been a hard “star birth moment,” but after bad news, movie offers and magazine covers were exhausted.

Depp’s lawyer suggested that it wasn’t the hoax that upset her career, but she claims to have defecated in Depp Hard’s couple’s bed.

During the morning break, a woman confessing her love for Depp appeared in court and asked when he would admit that he was the father of a baby in her arms. The woman was taken out of court.

The judge will decide on Tuesday whether to allow Depp to have more witnesses. Supermodel Kate Moss, who dated Depp in the 1990s, may testify with a video link. poll Published on Monday Of those surveyed, 6% thought Heard was telling the truth, 28% thought Depp was true, 24% said they were both true, and 17% were neither true. Twenty-five percent said they were uncertain.

Asked if Depp should be cast by filmmakers in future films, 69% under the age of 30 were strongly or to some extent approved. For Heard, 25% approval was recorded with the same sampling.

The trial will continue.

Surgeons question the explanation of how Johnny Depp amputated his finger.US news

Source link Surgeons question the explanation of how Johnny Depp amputated his finger.US news

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