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Portland, Oregon (KOIN) — a public expression of dissenting — also known as a protest — is woven into the very structure of Portland’s culture.

After George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis in May 2020, the Portlanders went out on the streets every day for months and weeks, drawing national attention even during the pandemic.

Immediately after Derek Chauvin convicted of murder, George’s brother Rodney Floyd acknowledged Portland’s protests to maintain the issue of racial injustice in public consciousness.

“I want to thank all the supporters and activists,” said Rodney Floyd. “I would like to thank the people who marched on these streets day and night. The people of Portland stayed on the street for 83 days. I may be wrong, but a statement for us. Thank you to everyone who put out and brought us on our dark day. “

Portland, Oregon-September 26: On September 26, 2020 in Portland, Oregon, Portland police disbanded a crowd of protesters past the murals of George Floyd and Breona Taylor. Oregon Governor Kate Brown declared an emergency before Saturday’s protests and the Proud Boys rally due to heightened fears of political violence between the far-right group and Black Lives Matter protesters. .. (Photo by Nathan Howard / Getty Images)

Activist Cameron Whitten, the leader of the 2011 Portland Occupy Movement, over-protested on Wall Street. The occupation lasted 39 days until the police finally disbanded.

“We had the largest physical profession in the country,” Witten recalled.

A year later, he went on a 55-day hunger strike outside Portland City Hall to pay attention to the homelessness issue.Whitten continued to find Black Resilience Fund Immediately after Floyd’s murder.

“This wasn’t the first time I heard’I can’t breathe’. It’s not the first time I’ve seen a black life slowly stolen on a camera,” he said.

Whitten has been part of almost every major peaceful protest in Portland for almost a decade.

“Portland always has a history and heritage of grassroots direct action, so if you’re surprised that Portland is doing these protests, you don’t know Portland,” he said. “I consider it one of our greatest strengths. People are willing to get out of the house, get off the couch, and appear in a collective unified voice for something. I care. “

Former President George HW Bush called Portland the “Little Beirut” during the anti-war movement of the 1990s and compared Portland to the bombed Parliamentary city of Lebanon in the Middle East.

A historic photo of Vortex One around 1970. (Courtesy: Vortex 2020)

In 1970, it was sponsored by Oregon Governor Tom McCall. Music festival called Vortex To distract protesters from the American Legion in downtown Portland. It worked pretty well.

“I know it costs money. It shouldn’t be done, but all alternatives are bloody potential,” McCall said at the time.

Still, Portland has seen a share of violent protests. Mayday Riot To demonstrate the World Trade Organization protesting outside Immigration Customs Office Building At the South Waterfront.

The city also saw creative demonstrations that caught the public’s attention, with eco-terrorist Trearrow sitting on the shelves of a U.S. Forest Service building in downtown Portland for 11 days protesting logging in the Eagle Creek Wilderness. I have come. In 2015, Greenpeace activists stopped from St. Johns Bridge to prevent the icebreaker Fenika from moving to Alaska’s oil fields after repairs on Swan Island. They delayed the ship for nearly two days.

Activists spread a colored banner while hanging from St. Johns Bridge in Portland, Oregon, on Wednesday, July 29, 2015, leaving the Royal Dutch Shell PLC icebreaker Fenica in Portland for repairs. I protested. Icebreakers are an important part of Shell’s exploration and spill response program off the northwest coast of Alaska. Greenpeace officials say activists have enough water and food to last for several days and can lift themselves to allow other maritime traffic to pass. (AP photo / Don Ryan)

But the 100-day “direct-action” demonstrations and protests after George Floyd’s death are new to the diversity of longevity, the thousands of people who took them to the streets, and the so-called mama’s wall. I have set the criteria.

In July 2020, Judy Todos said, “I think I had to change the story, so I’m happy to meet them.”

The mayhem hijacked a small part of Portland every night. The clash between law enforcement and protesters has attracted a lot of attention from countries, including the White House.

“The Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice have announced an integrated operations center to investigate violent left-wing civil insecurity,” said President Donald Trump. “Also, in Portland alone, the federal government has already taken care of and arrested 100 rioters.”

“If people appear and say,’Stop killing us,’ don’t attack them with tear gas, rubber bullets, and chemicals. You don’t get in a minivan, rent a car or car, or throw it behind you. People are already traumatized or will not show up, “said Teressa Raiford, Secretary-General of Don’t Shoot Portland.

Don’t shoot portland After the death of George Floyd, he organized many demonstrations. Raiford also co-founded the Wall of Moms. Both organizations have sued the Department of Homeland Security over the federal response to the Portland mayhem.

“I don’t think the riots in Portland happened because the protesters said,’Let’s go to the riots,'” Rayford said. “I think there was a riot because of the reaction from the city and federal agencies — and that’s also why we bring it to court.”

File – This July 20, 2020 file photo has flowers while forming a “mama’s wall” during a Black Lives Matter protest in Portland, Oregon. Before when armed protesters hijacked a remote wildlife sanctuary in eastern Oregon for four years, U.S. agents negotiated with conservative occupiers for weeks to oppose federal control of public land. , Some state leaders called for stronger action. In July 2020, federal officials sent to Portland, Oregon to quell chaotic protests against racism fired tear gas, fired less lethal ammunition, and the first two were 40. He took harsh actions to support the arrest of more than one person. several weeks. (AP Photo / Noah Burger, File)

The proceedings are still pending, but Mr Rayford said the proceedings are unlikely to move forward due to the existence of a new administration to lead the country.

However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, violent demonstrations and riots are once again at the forefront as property damage increases and businesses struggle to survive.

“I think they’re destroying our community and teaching our kids wrong!” Said Lady Leo, who lives in Northeast Portland. “Look at these kids. They grew up in this community. Now they broke a damn shop and can’t even sit down and eat chicken!”

Most of the people arrested and charged with destruction are young and mostly white. The message of Black Lives Matter was drowned in the mayhem. So who is responsible?

View of the broken window of the disciples of the Christian Church of Christ on April 16, 2021. That night, hours after police shot and killed a man in Lents Park, there were two separate marches in downtown Portland. One maintained peace, the other soon became destructive, and a riot was declared around 9:50 pm (KOIN).

“The first thing we need to say is who we are talking about. When we say BLM, when we say Antifa, they are not the same thing,” Witten said. Told.

Mr Witten said it simply resulted in this. “There are individuals who violate the law and they are committing property damage.”

“There was a pandemic, there were more than 40 shootings in Portland in the summer, there were some murders, and people still ask me about broken windows,” Raiford said. “We couldn’t even get police response to the families who saw the children killed outside the house!”

Portland’s protest culture is rooted in problems that have plagued communities for generations, from race to deadly police interactions to war. The reaction to the killings of George Floyd and others is just the latest example of Portland, which, as usual, is leading the country.

“We see people in power who want to silence us, and we have to do whatever we can’t silence,” Witten said.

The struggle continues.

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