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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-06-01 12:18:27 –

According to a survey released this week, three in four Americans overestimate their ability to identify fake headlines. Researchers have found that anyone who mistakenly believes they can identify false news is likely to be the victim and share it with others.

Is Research We looked at the responses to a large survey completed by more than 8,200 people. The survey asked people to evaluate the accuracy of a series of Facebook headlines and their ability to identify fake news content.

The lead author, Ben Lions of the University of Utah, used this information to assess an individual’s credibility in identifying fake news and their ability to actually find it.

“If people mistakenly perceive that they are more capable of identifying the wrong news, especially if it matches their worldview, they may unknowingly consume, believe and share it. It can be expensive. ” Lions said.

According to a college release, about 90% of respondents say their ability to distinguish between false and legitimate news headlines is above average.

“Our results portray a disturbing situation. Many people are simply unaware of their vulnerability to misinformation,” Lions said.

“Americans believe that the turmoil caused by false news is widespread, but relatively few people show that they have seen or shared it.”

This study does not investigate the root cause of human overconfidence in the ability to discern fake news stories.

This study Minutes of the National Academics of Sciences.

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