Suspect sneaks gun into cruiser – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2022-05-24 08:53:55 –

((((NewsNation) — New video from Chicago Police have shown police officers to respond to the shooting after the suspect was allegedly hiding his weapons while in custody.

In a video released last week, police officers discovered Ravel Jordan, a suspected carjacker, after an in-car service at Porsche warned dispatchers of the location of the stolen car.

The footage shows a policeman asking Jordan if he has a weapon. Police reported finding mobile phones and drugs in Jordan.

The policeman handcuffed Jordan and took him to the police station for an appointment. However, police missed the pistols they said they had in his pants when Jordan arrested him.

According to investigators, Jordan moved his hand, still on his cuffs, from behind his back, grabbed his weapon and fired when police took him to his cell. From there, the policeman got up and set the fire back. Other officers also shot Jordan.

“When conducting a search case to arrest in this way, it is more invasive than a putt-down search. You can do a more thorough search. Yes, it was overlooked, but the suspect This happened because he chose to shoot the police officer. Yes, the officer made a mistake, but the reason this happened was because the suspect chose what he did. ” NewsNation contributor and former police officer Sean Larkin said when analyzing Monday’s video on NewsNation’s “Dan Abrams Live.”

A colleague helped an injured police officer by using his shirt to put pressure on his neck before a rescuer took him to the hospital.

Another officer was shot at the waist and the third officer wore a tactical vest. These two officers were treated on the same day and released from the hospital.

Jordan was paralyzed by a shooting and then died. Prior to his death, he was sentenced to 31 years in prison for attempted murder and plea for assault on police officers.

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