Suzanne Somers & Daisy Duke’s Granddaughter Camellia Twin-Hollywood Life

Suzanne Somers declared her “another kind of grandmother” because she had a “twin” moment with her granddaughter Camelia and Daisy Duke.

“Who is wearing shorts?” Suzanne Somers At the age of 74, he proves that fashion has no age restrictions.gorgeous Threes Company The star threw a pair of Daisy Duke and became twins with his 25-year-old granddaughter. Camellia Summers, The shorts were also shaking. “Who is wearing shorts? I’ve become twins with my granddaughter @cameliasomers!”, The actress captioned an Instagram photo of their matching moment in Palm Springs, California.

Sae Yamamoto Short shorts.. “I’ve always told my kids,’I’m another kind of grandmother!’,” Sae Yamamoto captioned a cute post shared on April 29th. Bold and beautiful The star shared the same photo on Instagram and teased, “When I threw these shorts this morning, I didn’t expect to be twins with my grandmother.” Camellia also writes that we were all thinking about her grandma: “SHE’SHOT !!!!”

The iconic grandma and granddaughter duo also coordinated with costume details.They rocked a silver buckle, contrasting black and white tops, and a black belt that matched the fuzzy footwear (while Camellia wore, Susanne wore brown boots lined with fur. Ta Furry slides From Matisse Footwear).

Camellia Summers, daughter of Bruce, son of Sae Yamamoto, spewed out that her grandma was “HOT”. [Instagram]

But Sae Yamamoto and Camelia weren’t just twins because of the costume details. With blonde hair and a victorious smile, grandma and granddaughter actually look like twins!

As Sae Yamamoto said, she is “Another kind of grandmother” — a cool kind.The· Step by step The actress is young in heart, as evidenced by her passionate love life.While chatting in the March episode of Heather Dubrow’s World Podcast, Sae Yamamoto reveals her Have sex 3 times That day, with my husband for nearly 45 years, Alan Hamel, 84 years old.

Suzanne Somers and her three granddaughters: Camellia, Daisy and Violet. [Instagram/@cameliasomers]

“God, our relationship has always been wonderful. But our children grew up, it was only me and Al, and we paid the tuition, so we paid for the wedding and they Helped them get off to a good start-we’re the only ones right now. Man, are we having fun? ” Sae Yamamoto Said Orange County Real Housewife Alum Heather Dubrow..

Suzanne Somers & Daisy Duke’s Granddaughter Camellia Twin-Hollywood Life

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