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Sweep of Marlins notwithstanding, search for more consistent production hasn’t ceased for Cardinals offense | St. Louis News Headlines – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-06-18 17:08:00 –

( — No team complains about winning a sweep in a three-game series, no matter how or when it happens.The reality of the Cardinal situation, but their victoryThe Marlins, held at Busch Stadium earlier this week, served only as a temporary remedy for problems that still existed on the club’s roster.

St. Louis has managed to dispose of Miami three times in a row to continue the Cardinal’s promising trendline this season, especially against bad opponents. The Cardinals are 17-1 in a year against teams with a current win rate of less than .450, with inferior clubs such as the Marlins (6-0), Pirates (5-0) and Rockies (3-0). I’m thinning out something like that. ) And D-back (3-1) to fill the winning percentage. Despite its overwhelming success against the bad team, however, the shutout defeat to Braves on Thursday returned the Cardinals to more than .500 games at 35-34 a year.

You don’t have to major in math to find out what it says about a performance against a club against the semi-competency of St. Louis in 2021. In contrast to the .944 win rate against the bottom barrel team, the Cardinals are 18-33 in the season against the team above the .450 win rate mark. This is a .353 win rate against such a team.

In other words, when faced with a team within a sniffing distance of .500 records, the Cardinals basically turn into pirates (Pittsburgh’s win rate in the full season is .343).

why is that? Why is the Cardinals, a club designed to be a championship candidate, unable to compete well with other teams with similar expectations?

Even with the recent low Marlins sweep, the Cardinals won the game with the smallest margin. St. Louis needed two walk-off heroics to finish the fish. In the series, the Cardinals recorded a total of seven runs. The Cardinals collected just nine runs in the previous six games, taking into account a dormant outing against Charlie Morton in Atlanta on Thursday. This is an average of 1.5 runs per game.

“I think that’s a very rational question,” Cardinals manager Mike Shildt told reporters on Thursday about how Cardinals can be adjusted to achieve more consistent and aggressive productivity. I answered a serious question. The Cardinals have been ranked in the bottom third of the league in many attack categories during the season, beyond the delay in the lineup over the past week. The batting average is 28th, the OPS is 24th, and the total is 20th.

“We had a long lineup and faced some tough pitching,” Shildt continued. “As you know, we won three of the last four against some tough pitching, so I don’t want to alibi the fact that we are not so consistent. But I really do. I don’t know what to say to you. You see, if I had been playing baseball for about 30 years and had a really clear answer to that, I would have done it, and our staff and I Our players. I can tell you: the preparation and approach are there. I want more results. Everyone who follows our club wants it. I’m sure. I don’t know what else I can do. “

Shield didn’t sound rebellious in exchange, but he was at a loss. What does the manager do if his team’s performance continues to decline, especially in the off-season when Nolan Arenado adds an attack to strengthen his unit? Frankly, a unit that wasn’t hit by an injury as the pitching staff was to help justify, or at least explain, the group’s struggle before this latest turn of rotation.

“I can’t sit here and put my head in the sand,” Shildt said. “But we have what we have. I feel like I’m using it as much as I can. That’s really a problem — that is, the guy was good tonight … it’s part of it. Morton pitched in the playoffs and pitched well in big games. Other teams may really have to say that they are also effective. “

The point of the shield is fair. From time to time, competent enemies find ways to enjoy effective efforts against your team. This is a big league and everyone is working towards the same goal. It’s understandable that you’re not always going to improve the person trying to shut you down. But so far this season, the Cardinals have been on the other side of the frequent “cap-tilt” routines, especially for quality teams.

The Cardinals manager hinted at it in Thursday’s comment, but at some point you have what you have. Shield manages a given roster, and if many of the core players are below expectations at the same time, excessive lineup adjustments can feel like relocating the deck chairs of a sunken ship. The Cardinal is in the midst of Jeff Albert’s third year of experience, with the front office attacking after Albert, who led a systematic review of the team’s batting approach that began with post-campaign recruitment in 2018. It’s no wonder how to assess progress.

Another area John Mozeliak and his company are currently thinking about is identifying effective and achievable means that can supplement the club’s championship aspirations prior to the July 31 closing deadline. .. Team executives see the recent turnaround in the start rotation and get confused with what’s on the front lines until the Cardinals may arrive in August (such as Jack Flaherty and Miles Micolas). It can fuel the idea that it is possible.

Given Mozeliak’s view of the current difficulties of navigating the pitching trade market, that idea can be particularly true.

“For example, it doesn’t mean that you want to do something, but you can do it.” Mozeliak told Tom Ackerman at KMOX last Sunday.. “Now, if you try to chase the starting pitcher, the price will be very high. What we have to decide is … what is the stomach in these price ranges?”

But given this week’s aggressive predicament, the pressing question for Cardinals seems to be uncertainty about how turnarounds on the plate will appear. In most cases, St. Louis is still riding a horse earlier this year, hoping to be included in its lineup. Harrison Bader is currently the only player on the Cardinals’ expected starting position on the injured list. Still, the team is totally disappointed, with regulars Paul DeJong (.610 OPS), Tommy Edman (.683), Paul Goldschmidt (.720 OPS) and even Nolan Arenado (.809 OPS). OPS) is currently in short supply. Their career norms. Others, such as Yadier Molina and Dylan Carlson, whose numbers have been strong due to strong efforts early in the season, have endured the tougher sleds in June.

In the midst of a collective slump, it can be difficult to get an answer — replacing half of a team’s lineup with trade or internal options is impractical. This is especially true if the majority of struggling players are core members of current and future team planning.

Shield and the Cardinal try to overcome this stretch and gather around the guys in the clubhouse. The players have not diminished, publicly expressing their confidence from the manager. They still believe in the group’s ability to turn things around this season and find the consistency they’ve been waiting for. The lineage of the Cardinals lineup players is considerable. However, as the summer gets hotter, so does the sample size of the performance degradation of the same name.

Hope is said to be not the ideal strategy for winning a baseball game. Cardinals aim to improve the situation aggressively, so they have little choice and are heavily devoted to it.

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Sweep of Marlins notwithstanding, search for more consistent production hasn’t ceased for Cardinals offense | St. Louis News Headlines Source link Sweep of Marlins notwithstanding, search for more consistent production hasn’t ceased for Cardinals offense | St. Louis News Headlines

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