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Sweeter than Thin Mint: Girl Scouts 55812, which began in 2012 at our Lord’s Nativity Elementary School, has recently disbanded. They donated the $ 100 remaining in the unit’s account to the Highland Friendship Club (HFC).

Thanks to Sarah Clyde, Teresa Gatti, Ava Wayland, Alexandra Kappenman, and Army Leader Anne Neresen.

As Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living from what we get, but we make a living from what we give.”

Thank you to the girl, your generosity will never be forgotten.

Pat Riesman, co-founder of Highland Friendship Club
HFC supports more than 250 individuals from the age of 14 to adults with disabilities.


Some time ago, I bought a state fair drive-through ticket for $ 20 and tainted the scalper that was selling for $ 150.

Now I want to make the people of the state fair who added more days to the drive-through to be saints. This time, we limited the purchase of tickets to one. My family was lucky enough to get a ticket and enjoyed the experience very much.

It’s hard to believe that everything was well organized and the two-hour drive-through was a truly positive experience. Thanks to all the organizers and vendors for having a great time.

Kathleen Casey, Maple Wood


For months I tried to get an extended driver’s license. When I first went there, I waited in line for about 45 minutes, but was told that I didn’t have the necessary documents. Even my social security card wasn’t right! I’ve driven the South St Paul and Inver Grove Heights licensing centers many times, but I’ve only seen long lines that I don’t really care about at my age.

So on Friday, October 2nd, I decided to solve this problem. Reservations are required for South St. Paul. Reservations were not available until late November. So my husband and I went to Inver Grove Heights. He stayed in the car while I was in line.

There were at least 30 people in front of me. Twenty minutes later, I wasn’t very advanced yet. I soon noticed that a woman in a bright pink jacket near the front turned around and approached me. She said I should come with her and take her place. I was worried about how the other people in the line would feel about this, but she said she had to leave so that she would be okay for her. So I went to a place where there were only 5 people in front of me.

I thanked this sweet woman and said she was like a guardian angel to me.

I am happy to have such people come into contact with our lives. Another big thanks to my helpers and all people like her.

Eileen Farren Krug, Mendota Heights

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