Switzerland votes to legalize same-sex marriage: “Historical Day”

When the Swiss strongly voted to allow same-sex couples to marry, cheers rang, hugs were exchanged, and rainbow flags shook throughout Switzerland. The final result of the national referendum was shown on Sunday.

According to official results, the bill passed in 64.1% of the votes cast, with more than half of all voters approved in each of the 26 or states of Switzerland. Voting, which takes place over the years, aims to align the country of the Alps with many other countries in Western Europe, ending a campaign that is often tense among rivals.

Swiss same-sex marriage
Operation Libero will stage a photography opportunity to marry three different couples in Bern on Sunday, September 26, 2021.

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Justice Minister Karin Keller Satter tweeted that the government has swiftly implemented the decision and that under the current plan, the new rules could come into effect on July 1.

The Swiss Parliament and the federal council to which she belongs supported the “Marriage to All” bill, an important step towards expanding the rights of gay and lesbian men in Switzerland. The country has approved homosexual civil partnerships since 2007.

“This will ensure that in the future all couples will be treated equally before the law. All couples will be able to start a civil marriage with the same rights and obligations,” Kellersatter wrote.

Passage is set up to put homosexual partners on an equal footing by allowing heterosexual couples to adopt their children and promoting the citizenship of homosexual spouses. It will also allow lesbian couples to take advantage of regulated sperm donation.

“Today is a historic day for us and for Switzerland. This is a big step forward and we have been waiting for for years,” said Laura Russo, co-chairman of the Geneva LGBT Association Federation. Measures along the pedestrian streets of Geneva. “This initiative started in 2013. We had to wait eight years before the vote took place. Here, this is a big” yes “. “

Opponents believe that replacing the civil partnership with the right to full marriage undermines the family based on the union of men and women.

Benjamin Roduit, a Christian Democrat who led efforts to prevent same-sex marriage, claimed that despite his ballot box defeat, he had at least some success in raising awareness of his party’s position.

“On our part, we tried to focus on the core issues of children and assisted reproductive technology,” he said. “In that respect, I think we have succeeded in raising the awareness of the Swiss people. We are still here when other steps are proposed.”

The campaign was flooded with unfair tactical claims, the other side accused the poster of being demolished, and the LGBT hotline was flooded with complaints, hostile emails, insults to campaign participants, and efforts to silence dissent. is.

Switzerland, with a population of 8.5 million, has traditionally been conservative and only extended voting rights to all women in the country in 1990.

Most countries in Western Europe already allow same-sex marriage, but most countries in Central and Eastern Europe do not allow marriage between two men or two women.

At a polling place in Geneva, voters Anna Lime Gruber said she voted for a “no” camp because she believed that “children need a dad and a mom.”

But Nicholas Zieratka, who voted “yes,” said that children needed love.

“I think it’s important for children that they are loved and respected, and I think there are children who aren’t respected or loved by so-called” heterosexual “couples.” He said.

Also on Sunday, voters will lead a left-wing group to raise taxes on investments such as dividends and income from Swiss rentals and income from capital as a way to ensure better redistribution and fairer taxation. I rejected the proposal to do.

As a result, 64.9% voted against the country, known for its vibrant financial sector and relatively low taxes, as the paradise for the wealthiest people in the world. No canton voted in favor.

Switzerland votes to legalize same-sex marriage: “Historical Day”

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