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Nashville, Tennessee (WTVF) — Utah Avenue neighbors say larger is not always better.

“One of the reasons this is a desirable part of the town is because of the style of the house,” said Councilor Kathleen Murphy. “If you were drawing a fairy tale, you would be drawing a neighborhood like this.”

At Sylvan Park, most homes share a particular attraction, with the exception of some new buildings that look different from other homes. “It’s a big, tall box,” said resident Katie Lamb.

It’s becoming a familiar story-an old house is demolished and two new ones replace it.

When completed, there will be four new modern homes in two adjacent properties. The 42-foot-high house rises above the surrounding houses. “They think these boxes are what everyone wants and will put them wherever possible,” Ram said.

Currently, residents are giving their opinions with a sign that says “Richland Builders Not Welcome” on the lawn.

“It’s a little more appealing, isn’t it? It’s just like I was surprised when I came across it,” Murphy said.

In areas without overlays, metrozoning officials say large structures do not violate the rules. “There are no design guidelines in this part of the neighborhood, so you can do whatever you choose,” Murphy said.

However, as more properties are sold and construction begins, some neighbors want Sylvan Park to continue to look like Sylvan Park.

“It’s different from our others,” Ram said.

NewsChannel 5 received the following statement from Chris Barnhizer, owner of Richland Building Partners LLC:

“My name is Chris Burnheiser. My family lives in Sylvain Park. Kids walk these streets, play in the playground and learn the meaning of teamwork playing teeball at McCabe. We patronized the restaurant, filled with billies, morning coffee at Star Bagle and haircuts at Scouts. We were attracted to Sylvan Park for a strong community awareness. Drive through an “inclusive” neighborhood And it’s very disappointing to see signs that change is unwelcome and unwelcome. A few.

I moved to Nashville in 2009. The people of Nashville knew that diversity, change, growth, progress, and high-quality, high-value economic development were at the top of their goals. I have grown Richland Builders from one employee to a team of twelve, supporting our city in every aspect of our lives and influencing beyond the boundaries of Sylvan Park.

It is my commitment to prove to this Sylvan Park district that our goal is to bring diversity to an already attractive community. My family has the same aspirations as any other family living here. We will raise you and our family here. We are working to improve the upcoming but undisclosed community. The mission of Richland Builders is not to focus on giving up when a new home is built, but on what you get in the process. “

Sylvan Park residents speak out over newest home construction Source link Sylvan Park residents speak out over newest home construction

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