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It was a busy day at Corpus Christie as TAAF matches continued on Saturday with beach volleyball, boxing, disc golf, flag football, softball and tennis.

Texas Amateur Athletic Federation, or TAAF games, continued on Saturday with beach volleyball, boxing, disc golf, flag football, softball, and tennis.

3News has caught up with some participants in the disc golf event. The one-day tournament began on Saturday morning at West Gas Park. The format featured a round of 18 holes in which the top three players in each division won medals.

Around noon that day, the flag football contest started. The one-day tournament took place at Salinas Park near Delmar College West Campus.

According to the organizers, teams from all over the world, including Austin, McAllen San Antonio and Corpus Christi.

“There are other tournaments in the state, but because it’s an official championship, many wanted to come here this weekend and be sure they’re here,” Texas said. Glidiron owner AvRon Tarbuq said.

“They are pretty happy to win the elusive championship, which never gives the guys a chance to play their entire career and get here to win this tournament at Corpus Christi. I can’t. “

3News has also caught up with the Central League Ramirez The Third in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. He says he has been playing flag football in TAAF games for about 20 years.

“It’s probably a more friendly sport where you talk to other teams about friendly trash, leave it on the field, be on the sidelines friends, and know to drink beer together after the match,” Ramirez said. Said. “In other sports, you may not talk to the other side at all, but your comrades are great in the flag.”

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