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Riverside, California 2022-05-17 22:39:50 –

Taft, Texas — Leaders in the city of Taft sent a letter to residents last week warning that the amount of organic compounds in the community’s tap water was above acceptable limits.

The compound in question is trihalomethane, which, according to a city letter, could cause problems in the liver, kidneys, and central nervous system and increase the risk of developing cancer for people who drink water “for years.” I have”.

“It has to do with me, but we also have to be realistic,” said Taft resident and daisy and denim boutique owner Raquel Lubo. The question is what our city is doing to deal with the problem. And I think our mayor is working on it. “

Melissa Gonzalez, manager of the city of Taft, has confirmed that she and other city leaders are tackling this issue in several ways as described in the letter.

“The city of Taft is working directly with the San Patricio Municipal Water District to solve this problem,” the letter read.

In addition, he said the city is increasing water flushing and managing water reserves and time, hoping to reduce the likelihood of trihalomethane production.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requires the city to notify the general public about this situation.

No notification is needed when trihalomethane levels return to normal, but Gonzales says it will probably spread the good news anyway.

“We will continue to notify the residents as needed, as needed. But again, if you are in full compliance, it is a good idea to tell the Taft residents to be notified. . “

Lubo wants it to happen soon, but in the meantime she’s happy with how the city handled the situation.

“I’m relieved to know that the city of Taft is reacting as they should and taking the necessary precautions to prevent endangering the population,” she said.

Taft resident reacts to water warning Source link Taft resident reacts to water warning

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