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A new report released the same week made Connecticut the latest state to withdraw its regional vehicle emissions reduction agreement, but 2016 emissions emissions included 620 deaths in Massachusetts. An estimated 7,100 deaths were found on the northeastern and mid-Atlantic coasts.

The study also found that in Massachusetts, car pollution contributed $ 6.3 million in medical costs. Researchers say that many states are heavily affected by out-of-state emissions.

“We hope that the results of this study will help show how serious vehicle air pollution is, not only for those who live near high-traffic areas, but also for those who live downwind.” Calvin Arter, UNC’s graduate research assistant, said: -Chapel Hill and lead author of the study.

The study collaborates with Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health as part of the Transportation, Equity, Climate and Health Project, a multi-university research initiative focused on the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) and other emission analysis. It was done. Reduction policy scenario.

Massachusetts is a leading state supporting the development of TCI aimed at becoming a regional cap and trade program for vehicle emissions that generate revenue for the state to invest in carbon reduction strategies such as electric buses. It was one of.
However, many states that participated in TCI’s plans have not signed, making Connecticut the latest state to decline this year as part of a budget agreement signed by Governor Ned Lamont with lawmakers.

The three jurisdictions of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and the District of Columbia are still actively working towards the functioning of the TCI program, as opponents have criticized the impact of the TCI program on gas prices. .. Rhode Island’s participation also depends on the agreement of its legislature.

According to a UNC Harvard study, the premature death rate from out-of-state emissions in Massachusetts was 64%, 222 died from in-state emissions and 134 died from out-of-Massachusetts emissions. ..

Buses were the most polluted per ton of emissions in New York City, but researchers found that heavy trucks were the most common cause of health problems in Boston.

Tailpipe Emissions Led to 620 Mass. Deaths in 1 Year, Study Finds – NBC Boston Source link Tailpipe Emissions Led to 620 Mass. Deaths in 1 Year, Study Finds – NBC Boston

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