Taisia ​​Adams returns to Instagram after Zack Clark Split

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Go back to it! Taisia ​​Adams I returned to Instagram on Friday, December 3rd and posted the first photo since the split from my fiancée. Zack Clark..

“Happy Friday, Friends,” a former bachelor, 31-year-old captioned Jim’s selfie posted via Instagram Stories on Friday. The reality star raised the sign of peace and smiled at the mirror in the photo.

single The co-host met 37-year-old Clark while filming Season 16 of the date show after she intervened and took over. Clare Crawley.. now-exes Engaged during the finale, Aired in December 2020.

“I tried to come up with a lot of reasons I didn’t believe. It made me believe that you really don’t need to be flawed, and I deserve love with a man who can’t escape,” she said. say. When I told my camera from New Jersey, he replied, “I love you, so I’ll choose you forever.”

In early November, a native California species was discovered without an engagement ring, causing speculation that there was a problem in paradise. We weekly Confirmed on 22nd November The pair canceled the engagement, Later sources tell We in pairs”Couldn’t fully commit to each otherWith everything they were doing respectively.

“They eventually realized that it didn’t work and their relationship ran the course,” the insider added at the time. In addition, an addiction expert said, “I am very enthusiastic about the work of his Release Recovery Foundation, and Taicia continues herself.”

Sources say Clark isn’t as sociable as Adams, explaining: She has attended many events without him, which can be frustrating. “

Taisia ​​Adams returns to Instagram after Zack Clark Split
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After splitting Bachelor Alum It was all a smile at the 35th FNAchievement Awards of Footwear News She awarded the award in New York City on Tuesday, November 30th.

Less than a month after the dissolution became a hot topic, Reality Star co-hosted the New York City Marathon on November 7.

“The secret story about @tayshia is one of humility and courageClark shared and wrote a photo of the duo running with him a day later via Instagram. “She never told the world how really exciting her performance at @nycmarathon yesterday, but I do. Until Sunday, she had chronic knee / back pain. And didzens of interviews where I could talk about things I couldn’t train because of an insane schedule, but instead she was grateful to her charity of choice, @ worldvisionusa, and how grateful she was. All the support from family, friends, fans and strangers who talked about. She is allergic to excuses. She should have been able to rescue at any time in the last four months and her PR team handled it. It should be, but it’s not just who she is. She said she was going to do something and did it. “

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Taisia ​​Adams returns to Instagram after Zack Clark Split

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