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Taiwan’s TITAS virtually kicks off from November 1st

COVID-19 Considering the pandemic, 25NS The Taipei Innovative Application Show (TITAS) will effectively begin on November 1st. TITAS, the first new format in Taiwan’s textile industry, looks forward to creating a borderless, one-stop-for-all, completely virtual stuff. Business opportunities for Taiwanese textile suppliers and global buyers.

Organized by the Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF) and supported by the Foreign Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Economy, the 30-day exhibition expects 154 domestic and foreign exhibitors, including industry leaders such as the Far East New Century. I am. Innovative capabilities on this platform including Formosa Taffeta, Li Peng, Eclat Textile, New Wide, Zig Sheng, Shinkong Synthetic Fibers, Singtex, Honmyue, Yu Yuang, Acelon C & F, Taiwan Paiho, Everlight Chemical, Nan Pao Resins Chemical Introducing to global buyers.

In addition, well-known R & D institutions, Taiwan Textile Research Institute and Materials (TTRI), Chemical Research Institute, and Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) will also participate in this event. At the same time, various textile-related organizations that have supported TITAS are also expected to participate in the fair.

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, the 25th Taipei Innovative Application Show (TITAS) will effectively begin on November 1st. TITAS, the first new format in Taiwan’s textile industry, is a one-stop, fully virtualized business opportunity for Taiwanese textile suppliers and global buyers without boundaries.

The exhibition focuses on six major exhibition areas to highlight the diversity and strengths of the textile supply chain. The exhibition hall consists of six categories: textiles and threads, industrial / household textiles, apparel, trimmings and accessories, textile machinery and sewing machines, and other related services. Each exhibitor will present promotional materials, product images, videos and more in the virtual showroom.

The Associations and Institute Halls bring together major textile-related associations and institutes, and their members. Twelve associations including Taiwan Artificial Textile Industry Association, Taiwan Spinners Association, Taiwan Weaving Industry Association (TWIA), Taiwan Knitting Industry Association, Taiwan Filament Fabric Printing Dyeing and Finishing Industry Association, Taiwan Textile will participate in this hall. .. Printing Dyeing and Finishing Industry Association, Taiwan Towel Industry Association (TTIA), Taiwan Globe Manufacturers Association (TGMA), Taiwan Hat Exporters Association, Taipei Sewing Machinery Association, Taiwan Technology Textile Association, Taiwan Southern Textile Research Alliance (STTRA). TTIA, TGMA, and TWIA may also build their own 3D virtual showrooms to promote their members and the latest products.

Trend Zones spotlight three themes: functional applications, sustainability, and personal protective equipment with themed digital displays for easy viewing by buyers. Functional application themes refer to end applications such as sports, outdoor and telecommuting products. Theme sustainability focuses on how natural materials add value to products and environmentally friendly processes such as ecological and dope dyeing processes with sustainable and visually appealing features. I am. Themed personal protective equipment focuses on post-pandemic demand in the areas of professional, everyday life, and medical apparel.

In the event zone, new product launches and fashion show videos will be held, where exhibitors will showcase product highlights and benefits in a variety of ways. Exhibitors announcing product videos include Lily Textiles, Oshima, Kiriho, Frontier Cool, Jigshen, Neshin Spinning, Sanwoo, Far Eastern New Century, Touton, Newpad, Taking, Hoyu, Kaulin MFG, and New Wide. In addition, “Dynamic? TITAS Virtual” is a runway show that introduces innovations by seven major companies including Far Eastern New Century, New Wide, Jigshen, Eclat, Taiwan Paiho, Singtex and Formosa Taffeta. The show allows buyers to get up close and personal with fabrics, accessories and real products. This is another way to improve product visibility.

Seminar zones provide links to access the latest trends and industry insights. Twenty-two exhibitors will showcase the latest technologies and solutions through pre-recorded or livestream seminars. Participants include Far Eastern New Century, Eclat, New Wide, Taiwan Paiho, Hongmue, TTRI, STTRA and more. Seminar topics cover a variety of textile materials, digital printing, sustainable fabric trends, brand digitization, functional materials, and application technologies. With smart textiles.

The online meeting zone acts as a quick access to the exhibitor’s virtual booth where meeting reservations and live chats take place. This allows exhibitors and buyers to communicate more efficiently.

At TITAS Virtual, interactive digital technology will be introduced by the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), which will carry out the project of the empirical research project on digital exhibition technology in 2021, and visitors will be immersed in the interactive experience provided by this project. I can. TITAS Virtual integrates all your critical content and events into the digital realm, allowing visitors to experience the same experience as visiting TITAS directly. The synergies of global professional media and innovative digital channels further increase awareness of TITAS Virtual.

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Taiwan’s TITAS virtually kicks off from November 1st

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