Take “one day at a time” before Simon Biles joins Tokyo further | Tokyo Olympics 2020

Simone Biles will not make an immediate decision to participate in the Olympics after withdrawing from the women’s team’s final midfield competition at the Tokyo Olympics on Tuesday due to mental health concerns. “We’re going to look at Thursday, we take it one day at a time,” Biles said of her prospect of lining up for individual all-round finals. “I know tomorrow [Wednesday] I’m taking a short break from training, so it’s really nice to have a day of mental rest. “

The four Olympic champions explained that they had recently been mentally struggling and decided not to compete after a difficult opening vault. So she decided to “sit in the backseat” with complete trust in her teammates. Medal. Later when asked what the goals of these games were, Biles replied: You know that there is more to life than just gymnastics. “

In her absence Russian Olympic Commission wins gold medal, Became the first team to win a gold medal in the United States at major team competitions since 2010.

In the opening rotation, Biles tried her Amanar Vault, but her form deteriorated in the air and she managed only 1.5 twists before ending with a low landing. She received a minimum rotation score of 13.700. Biles was immediately surrounded by her coach before being taken out of the arena by one of the team’s trainers. When she returned, she played no further role in the competition, but all night she remained energetic and constantly cheering for her teammates.

During the competition, in speculation about her condition, America Gymnastics A statement was released: “Simone Biles has withdrawn from the team’s final due to medical problems. She will be evaluated daily to determine medical clearance for future competitions.”

However, in a post-convention statement, Biles told reporters: I get out there and get my medals lost. “

Biles said the morning training was “OK” before the competition, but he became less calm while waiting for five and a half hours. “I was just trembling and could hardly take a nap. I had never participated in such a tournament, so I went out and enjoyed it. The warm-up in the back was a little better, but here “No, the mentality isn’t there, so you have to let the girl do it and focus on yourself.”

Simone Biles reacts after opening the vault – shortly thereafter she withdrew. Photo: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times / REX / Shutterstock

After telling the people around her that her teammates needed to compete without her, they first reassured her that she was okay. She decided to call it herself. She did not risk giving medals to herself or her team. So they were: “OK, if Simone says this, we need to take this very seriously.” So there are now the right people around me to do it. did. “

A measure of Team’s chemistry came during Team USA’s uplifting, positive midnight press conference. This is because Biles often tried to transfer credits entirely to his teammates. She repeatedly said that “they” won the silver medal, which “has nothing to do with me.” Biles’ friend and teammate Jordan Chiles quickly registered her objection.

“But after all, NS But I did, “Chile said. “This medal was definitely for her. Without her we wouldn’t be here now. Because of who she is as a person, we’re a silver Olympic medalist. So girly, praise to you, this is all for you! Yes, we did this, but you are part of this team and you deserve it too. “

In addition to Biles’ own decision that he was not in the right position to compete, another memory is that the Americans when a gymnast who was not initially on the start list was drafted without notice. Is the way to get together behind a courageous performance. Chile was drafted on uneven bars and balance beam, hitting a solid routine both times. According to Biles, Sunisa Lee didn’t even warm up the tumbling pass that day, but ended the day with a clean floor routine.

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However, Russian gymnasts have been on the rise for some time, and they registered their abilities in the qualifying round by counting the Biles score and reaching first place on the US team. Despite their resilience, the United States was unable to overcome the level of quality from its rivals, especially the noble performance from 16-year-old Victoria Listunois. Olympic competition The event was postponed for a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Still, when all four US gymnasts left the press conference, they did so with a wide smile painted across their faces. They won the silver medal in the right way, and that was enough.

When the United States and ROC reaffirmed their position as the world’s top two teams, young British quartets Jessica and Jennifer Gaddirois, Amelie Morgan and Alice Kinsella were the first to win the women’s team’s Olympic bronze medal since 1928. I became a British gymnast.

Take “one day at a time” before Simon Biles joins Tokyo further | Tokyo Olympics 2020

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