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Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) — Remember the soda shop back then when you got delicious burgers and malts? That’s exactly what the owner of Metro’s new burger restaurant wanted when it opened a year ago.

It’s working so well and they now have a brand new place in Mirrored.

Today’s takeaway Tuesday, 3 News Now Anchor Serese Cole offers delicious burgers and takes you to a cheeseburger that brings new life to old classics.

“Everyone loves cheeseburgers, so I would like to say that we have the best cheeseburgers in town,” said chef Joe Rensch.

He said cheeseburgers make the best smashburgers around.

“As an adult, I loved eating smashburgers that were crispy on the outside,” he recalls.

What makes their burgers the best burgers?

“Currently, what distinguishes us from other burger shops is our secret seasoning. We call it secret dust,” explained chef Rensch.

He showed 3NewsNow’s anchor Serese Cole how to make the biggest burger on the menu The Nation.

Includes 3 butter-baked brioche breads, 2 4 ounce patties, and Thousand Island dressing, pickles, onions, and lettuce.

Menus like the original burger have small options.

You can also make your own burgers, order specials for the day, or go with your childhood favorites.

“I bring home a loose meat sandwich,” he shared. “I lost the old place in Midtown where the loose meat sandwich I grew up with. So I’ve been trying to recreate the loose meat sandwich throughout my life. It says,” Like a man, I We have a place for loose meat again. “

The sign may say cheeseburger, but that’s not all. There are also chili dogs, corn dogs and delicious milkshakes.

There is also fried chicken.

“Our chickens are to die,” said chef Rensch.

There are several options for regular or spicy, basket or chicken sandwiches.

The sandwich comes with Cajun mayonnaise, pickles, onions and lettuce.

If that’s not enough, add homemade onion rings or fried pickled chips. Both are popular with our customers.

All dishes are fresh and made after receiving an order. You can eat and order online and receive food in the mobile pickup window.

Chef Rensch said our community is hungry for restaurants like cheeseburgers.

“People respond well to well-made, simple foods,” he added.

So look for more from chef Joe Rensch.

“We aim to provide a new atmosphere, new food, and new places in all of these places, including Omaha, Papillion, and Millard,” said the chef.

The location of the new mirrored is 6610 South 168th Street.

The original restaurant is located in the Blackstone district of 4007 Farnum.

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