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Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) — It’s only been a few weeks since it opened, but the new restaurant in downtown Omaha is already sparking quite a bit.

Dynamite Woodfire Grill is located at The Farnum Hotel.

3 News Now As Anchor Serese Cole reports, the restaurant serves perfectly smoked fine American cuisine.

This is a new addition to the downtown Omaha restaurant scene.

“It’s explosive,” said Franz Wensel, director of food and beverage.

It’s actually dynamite.

The kitchen is always hot thanks to the custom wood stove.

“They are called beech monsters because they are the biggest ones they make. I think there are only three or four in the United States,” Wenzl says.

“It’s like having Rolls-Royce in the kitchen, and I come to cook with Rolls-Royce every day,” says Executive Chef Igor Kokozov.

“We burn firewood most of the time, so whatever we wear, it smells really smoked,” explains chef Kokozov.

He said dynamite isn’t a steakhouse, but knowing that the Nebraska people love steaks, they serve a mean and fleshy tomahawk.

“It usually takes about 30 minutes, but people are happy to try it,” said the chef.

He said it was so good …

“We don’t need a side,” explained chef Kokozov.

But you can try it with their special source.

The specialty of breakfast is the pulled pork hash.

“There are potatoes, a little spicy chorizo, and pulled pork cooked in this wonderful marinade,” explained chef Kokozov.

Topped with shredded cheese, eggs, coriander and tomatoes.

The secret dynamite sauce is the leading role.

“It’s not a complicated dish, but it’s a very tasty dish,” said the chef.

It has already been well received by our customers.

“What a hell, this is amazing,” smiled chef Kokozov.

You should also try homemade cornbread.

“There are a lot of people who make cornbread, but this is special,” he said.

Because it’s a chef’s home cooking.

“He made this and said,’Mom, she made this for me when she was a kid.’ We taste it and take a look, this on the menu I said I needed to add it, “remembered chef Kokozov.

Mama Nelson’s cornbread is served in a frying pan and comes with three delicious butter options (chipotle, honey and orange).

What makes dynamite unique is this open concept. Not only can you see the chef preparing the meal, you can also talk to the chef.

“The communication between us and our guests is great. People just look around and they are looking at the fire,” said the chef.

He wants a little spark combined with new blood …

“We are the new kids in the old block,” said chef Kokozov.

It will be a recipe for success.

The smoky theme of dynamite turns into an adult drink. Smoked cocktails are also available.

Currently, breakfast is served only on Saturdays and Sundays.

Lunch is available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Supper is available 7 days a week.

Dynamite is located in 1299 Farnum.For details or reservation This website.

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