Takeaway options for restaurants in the St. Paul area

2020-11-05 15:40:17 –

Call me a traditionalist, but I usually oppose ordering for Thanksgiving. This is my favorite holiday because I love to pattern the kitchen with my loved ones and make a cozy meal for everyone to enjoy together.

But this year, many of us don’t have that luxury. Traveling is dangerous, gatherings are dangerous, and making turkeys and all fixtures for just a few people can be a daunting task.

Fortunately for you, there are plenty of takeaway options out there, and the restaurant is really going beyond this year to make these meals special.

The list is limited to the East Metro, but many restaurants in Minneapolis and the western suburbs also offer menus that you may have missed, so check out your favorite spots if they aren’t listed here. ..

If you are serving a restaurant, takeaway Thanksgiving meal and you are not here, please email us at eat@pioneerpress.com.

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