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Navarra Eggs Benedict Suzette Smith

Portland has returned to the brunch scene with revenge as the sun returns and never disappears.Many bravely faced the snow and ate mimosa and eggs benes, but this time You don’t have to deal with itBecause it never rains or snows again. And even if it could (and not!), There are two brunch spots with a covered heated patio that bends to make the weekend morning coffee, cream, brunch-brunch-brunch win. There is!



Navarra, one of Portland’s many years of underrated brunch, presents almost everything I’m looking for from a weekend breakfast lunch experience: shared small plates, of busy boulevards. Observations, simple (but amazing) taste, and comfortable, knowledgeable staff nevertheless leave me alone.

Navarra’s ordering method stumbles some people. The waiter brings a paper form to the table and lets the eater check which plate he wants — often a long deliberative and gluttony compromise (often).Well, we get all the egg dishes. Does it satisfy you, Suzette?).

Words of advice: Don’t overlook the little things. Navarre offers a seasonally inspired menu that incorporates French, Italian and Spanish cuisine. The menu changes frequently, but you won’t get caught up in the new main course enough to forget about bread, greens, French butter and more. jam! Their homemade jams are not always out of this world. And you probably want more greens than you think.

Multnomah County (Craccamas, WA) Recently Relaxation of COVID restrictions Although focused on indoor dining, Navarre chose to maintain service only on the go and outdoors. Their covered streetside seats extend to both Navarra and the adjacent cocktail bar, Angel Face. Angel Face has recently been reopened for cocktail / dining hours, but Saturday and Sunday brunch times are all Navarra.

Another unusual (possibly normal) safety precaution in Navarra: When talking to a waiter, ask for a mask nearby. It makes so much sense that I’m surprised that it’s not required anywhere else.

Navarre, 10 NE 28th, (503) 232-3555, navarreportland.com

Breakfast dumplings from my deputy

Breakfast dumplings from my deputy Suzette Smith

My side foods & spirits

I kept watching during the summer An appetizing takeaway feast Beautifully plated on pizza boxes on social media. They were an innovative attempt by a local catering company called My Vice to float in the wreckage of a summer wasteland destroyed by COVID.

But before I got one point myself, the box went offline. My deputy catering has shifted their focus to bricks and mortar to the former hotspots of branch power, once a Southeastern Portland jewelery. I had to get up early in the morning to PRETTY to avoid long waits at Trinket, but thanks to the increased enjoyment of indoor dining throughout the county and the beautiful outdoor patio, My Vice Food & Spirits is this It is possible up to. And if you get a takeaway, you probably don’t have to wait at all.

Most of My Vice’s brunch dishes seem to be popular with traditional American avocado toast and breakfast sandwiches, but my experience with their novel breakfast dumplings is extraordinary in terms of butter cravings. was. The puff pastry was full of minced meat, eggs, cheese and peppers. And they were delicious as a whole.

The hot sauce in their home is also commendable. Is it lime, habanero, or nutmeg that makes it so great? Whatever it was, this sauce completely blew me away with flavor and spices, without burning your mouth. No wonder they started offering that spicy Ambrosia in takeaway bottles.

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The name was a bit hiccup for me, as it might be the bad thing about FOOD, but the owner Tarl Heddleston explained that nothing so strange was happening. “The concept of My Vise came from us growing up in the food and beverage industry. It’s a lifestyle we’re completely committed to, and in a way our’Vice’,” he said in an email. writing.

Like any restaurant, My Vice likes to keep things fresh with dedicated menus for special holidays (such as modern restaurants) Valentine’s day feast). One of the things they hope to do is that the crayfish boil on July 4th each year. “It’s hard to know what the event will be like by then,” says Heddleston. But this weekend, they’re looking at a special meze meal. And if you look at the meze pizza box from the first paragraph, it will be worth chewing.

My Vice Food & Spirits, 2035 SE Cesar Chavez, (503) 477-4252, myvicepdx.com


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