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Taking a closer look at school violence within CCSD – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-09-07 19:32:31 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) —Friday night football becomes violent. Parents of Desert Oasis High School students are seeking answers from school managers and police after a shooting at the end of the game.

“This isn’t just teenagers. It’s real violence. Next time, your child will be killed.”

Christopher Wagner is cheerful about the shooting that took place at Desert Oasis High School on Friday night. He learned about it after talking to his child, a freshman there.

“Listen, I can’t go to the game anymore, because there were fights in the first game. I just thought about teen fights and wrote them down. After this experience, I I noticed that it was much more, “he said.

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Las Vegas Metropolitan Police say the fight broke out at the end of a Friday night football game, to the point where someone pulled out a gun and fired in the air. No one was injured and the archer left the area. Wagner posted on social media and was dissatisfied with the reaction of some parents who believed it wasn’t a big deal.

“That’s that attitude. That’s exactly what we can forgive our kids, and it’s absolutely insensitive to this, and shots fired in the air are perfectly fine. Just another day of business.” He said.

Wagner wants better security at school.

“Not everyone wanted it. Everyone went through. Wal-Mart is safer than a football game,” he said.

He also said more transparency from school and district officials, saying they never mentioned why school police couldn’t cope with the fight and prevent shootings from happening. I want

“If you can’t get to the truth and facts about children’s safety, how can you make a decision? How can you trust them to lead the school?”

In a letter to parents, the high school principal takes student safety seriously and encourages students to feel free to move forward on safety issues.

“I’m concerned about student safety for the time being because it’s scary.”

Rancho High School teacher Ruben DeSilva also participates in the Clark County School District Public Safety Commission. He says he’s relieved that no one was injured in the shooting and only the shooting was fired in the air.

“If the person had a different attitude, they could have been firing at the crowd, which could have been a very tragic event,” he said.

So far this year, five students have been arrested on campus with guns, according to CCSDPD. A total of 28 weapons were confiscated.. D’Silva says that all the beef that students may have with each other is energized by attracting attention on social media.

“Now it’s important to play for people. I’m going to do it in front of hundreds of people, not just dozens of students,” he said.

However, he says, at some schools, including himself, the number of battles on campus has decreased. However, some battles are taking place off campus, making it difficult to stop them.

“There is really no way to stop those fights when they break out. They really tend to be brutal,” he said.

D’Silva says plans to tackle this have zero tolerance for on-campus weapons and restorative justice for children in trouble.

“It’s not as punitive as we get students on the road or set up courses that include a criminal justice system.”

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