Tampa Bay area teachers weigh in on Critical Race Theory ban in Florida schools – Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida 2021-06-10 18:52:07 –

Tampa, Florida — State Board of Education Decision On Thursday, some teachers in the Tampa Bay area are worried about what the ban on Critical Race Theory (CRT) means when they step in front of the classroom.

The Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) states that CRTs are not included in the standard, but some teachers say that ideas that are part of the concept naturally emerge in the classroom.

“I think critical racial theory isn’t emotional, it’s just ideological, it just asks you to look critically at how the system is created in this country. There was a lot to do, “said Shawanda Bonner Morgan, an English teacher at Pork County School.

by Purdue University“Most CRT scholarships are not only the reason why racism continues to permeate the predominant society as a whole, but also the constitutional freedom that this permanent racism is promised in other ways. It also shows why many are denying individuals without problems. “

“You can put lipstick on a pig. It’s still a pig,” Governor Ron DeSantis said in May.

DeSantis tweeted Thursday that the Critical Race Theory “teaches children to hate our country and hate each other,” saying there is no place in Florida schools.

new Approved fix It also states that the teacher acts as a facilitator of student discussions and does not share personal views or attempt to teach students.

“This is also based on false history,” DeSantis said at a press conference in May. “When they look back on their founding father and try to slander, they do all these things that slander the American Revolutionary War and say that even very liberal historians are not backed by facts.”

But Bonner Morgan sometimes says the truth is a bit offensive.

“If we succumb to the white anger and white repulsion we’ve seen in all generations, we’ll probably see my granddaughter, my grandson, and perhaps your grandson sitting here the same. I’m just talking about that 60 years from now, “said Bonner Morgan.

ABC Action News has contacted the Tampa Bay Area school district for changes and critical racing theory. Some districts said the concept was not taught in their district.

Nancy Berardi is President of the Pinellas Classroom Teachers Association. She says there is no indoctrination because it goes against their professional ethics.

“Presenting American history as it is and explaining why it happened and how it happened throughout our history is part of teaching history and knowing where you are heading. To do that, you need to know where you were. ” Berardi.

“Important racial theory is not taught to your children,” said Patrick Mugan, a teacher at Pinellas County School. “Your children are taught the skills they need to make their own decisions about facts and truths and their own decisions when they see them.”

When asked how changes affect the education of teachers, schools and students. Mugan said one way to think that it affects people is to intimidate teachers to avoid certain subjects.

“If there are teachers who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with a particular subject and they know that there is this rule for indoctrination to students, they may say,” Maybe I will skip this document. ” No, “Mugan said. “Maybe I’ll skip this section. Maybe there’s no discussion about it. Maybe I tell the kids,” Up, up, up, up, wait a minute. ” I’m not going to talk about it here, “instead of facilitating those discussions and allowing them to happen.

The teacher also says that for those who don’t line up, it will be a business as usual. Still, they wait to see the real impact in the classroom.

“The end result is that children in classes that aren’t part of the majority of whites will be further affected,” said Bonner Morgan. “They will continue to feel that they are not the problem, or that their story is not important. It will be as usual, but worse.”

Tampa Bay area teachers weigh in on Critical Race Theory ban in Florida schools Source link Tampa Bay area teachers weigh in on Critical Race Theory ban in Florida schools

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