Tampa Bay nonprofits hope for strong Giving Tuesday – Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida 2021-11-30 06:51:49 –

Tampa Bay nonprofits expect large and small donations on GivingTuesday.

Founded in 2012, GivingTuesday is Tuesday after Thanksgiving. This is a global campaign that encourages people to be generous and contribute to the causes of interest.

Thomas Mantz, President and CEO of Feeding Tampa Bay, said it would help raise awareness of his nonprofits and others throughout the region.

“Most of the challenges in our society are solved by nonprofits, but when we consider the role we play in the community, it’s very important and very important,” says Manz.

Nonprofits cover an area of ​​10 counties and last year provided 95 million meals to people with food insecurity and food needs. According to Manz, the need for donations is very important this year. Feeding Tampa Bay is feeding 35% more people than it was before the pandemic.

“So it’s an important job so we can take care of the people who need our services now and all the people who needed before COVID,” he said.

Learn more about how to donate to Feeding Tampa Bay With this link..

In Tampa’s Salvation Army, Regional Commander Major David Swiers makes a similar proposal to Donor at Gibbing on Tuesday.

“Everything that comes in (today) instantly helps and changes the lives of people in the Tampa Bay area,” he said. “The cost of living is rising at a rate we haven’t seen in decades, so donations now are even more important.”

He said the current economic situation and levels of inflation have made nonprofits helping people in need of shelters, food and clothing an important resource for the community, and GivingTuesday on Tuesday was the Salvation Army. Hope to spur many people to help continue their mission. Help others.

“COVID has really changed a lot. So far, it’s really one salary because people meet us and need our help. It’s better than ever,” Swyeers said. Says.

You can learn more about how to donate to the Salvation Army With this link..

Tampa Bay nonprofits hope for strong Giving Tuesday Source link Tampa Bay nonprofits hope for strong Giving Tuesday

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