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Tampa, Florida — More and more people are taking off their masks, so they can see more smiles on the go. Tampa has a new non-profit organization aimed at giving veterans the brightest smiles.

“We’ve been trapped for a long time. We’ve hidden our smiles. Now that they’re properly reborn, let’s keep them healthy,” said Dental Hygienist and Operation Combat Smilez. Founder Eurika Peebles said.

The Peable’s came up with an organizational idea during the pandemic.

“I was trying to understand what my purpose was. I keep listening to this purpose. What is it and what does it mean?”

She herself was a veteran and served in the Air Force, so she knew that there was often a lack of proper dental treatment among her colleagues.

“Many people don’t come for dental treatment unless they’re in pain. We want to take precautions to avoid it,” says Peable’s.

So she wondered if she would bring a dentist’s chair to a veteran, and when she realized that she had a wheeled office, saving veterinary time, money, and stress.

“Many of these services are expensive, close to the nearest dentist, and may not know what you need and how to deal with them,” said Air Force Reserve Commander Darren Singleton.

The singleton got into a van to clean his teeth on Tuesday. Everything in a regular dentist’s office is there and there is a little small room to move around, but all the same when lying in a chair. is.

Peable’s uses a van to train students at Artieris Career College, where she is an instructor. She is actively looking for a Tampa Bay dentist.

“So far, we have three dentists in our database, but we need more. We need more,” says Peebles.

She may have exchanged for a tired one many years ago to get a white lab coat, but Peable’s is always attentive to fellow military personnel and women at the bottom of her heart.

“Whenever someone thinks about what others need, at a difficult time for everyone, it’s a great honor and I’m grateful,” Singleton said.

“I love dental treatment. I’ve been involved in treatment for a long time, but I’m good at it, so I think this is what I really am, so I want to give back,” said Peable’s. Told.

For more information on Operation Combat Smilez, please email Peebles at combatsmilez@gmail.com.

Tampa dental hygienist creates office on wheels to help veterans receive care Source link Tampa dental hygienist creates office on wheels to help veterans receive care

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