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Tampa — Most of the time, you walk right next to a building without paying too much attention to its importance or history.

The Tampa Bay Architectural Design Foundation is trying to change that. We are in the middle of their annual Design Week.

“There are a lot of hidden gems in Tampa Bay. There are literally nothing in the backyard that you didn’t know. Such an event will help you discover them,” Rachel said. Radawec with the Tampa Bay Foundation for Architecture and Design.

This is the sixth year that a nonprofit has hosted a week-long tour centered around both architects and architects.

“It really warms my heart when there are everyday individuals in the design community who have never pulled out a building in their lives or who really have a craving for knowledge and have some kind of grasp. “Radawec said.

One of this week’s tours was the JC Newman Cigar Company. Not only has the factory existed since 1910, it still wraps cigars every day.

Winding down the corridors, down the stairs, and looking into the underground doors gives the public an opportunity to understand how the last remaining cigar factory in Evercity works.

Designs that were thought to be unique to movies, such as the secret doors on the floorboards, are still used in factories.

On the second floor, you will find the factory’s original clock. Architect John Hadley said he is constantly learning new things, despite leading the tour.

“It’s a great building with so much history, and having an owner who uses it this way as it was used over 100 years ago is really special to be part of it.” Hadley said.

Next is Rochelle Gross. She has never designed a building, but Design Week is not to be missed.

“I don’t always go to a particular place. When Design Week begins, everything is in front of me. Suddenly, I have all these unexpected opportunities,” Gross said. I have.

Visit tbfad.com for the full schedule of events.

Tampa Design Week offers tours for architects and architects at heart Source link Tampa Design Week offers tours for architects and architects at heart

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