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Hillsborough County, Florida — “I think the biggest message right now is that vaccination is still working. So I’ve heard people tell me. Wilson Someone I know I’ve heard that they are still infected with COVID even though they have been vaccinated. Yes, you will see vaccinated people infected with COVID, “said Tampa General Hospital. Dr. Jason Wilson, Associate Medical Director of the Emergency Room, said.

Doctors have seen fully vaccinated people come in and test positive for COVID-19, but say they still make up a small percentage of all patients.

“9 out of 10 ICU patients, just over 8 out of 10 and 8 out of 10 inpatients have not been vaccinated,” Wilson said.

The most important thing he should know is that fully vaccinated people infected with COVID-19 rarely get sick.

“The vaccine is suitable for its intended purpose. It prevents you from entering ventilators, hospitals and ECMOs, it prevents you from dying. Associate Professor of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, University of South Florida Dr. Claudia Espinosa, said:

Experts say that a dangerous myth is happening now that vaccines are not working as expected due to breakthrough cases.

“This does not mean that the vaccine will not work. This does mean that if many people are not vaccinated, it is likely that there are many people around you with COVID. And even if you’re vaccinated, you can still get COVID, “said Wilson.

Experts say it’s not surprising that there are breakthrough cases, as there are cases of a surge between highly contagious delta mutants and unvaccinated people.

“The vaccine is still working and you can tell who is infected with COVID even if you are vaccinated. Yes, but what we don’t see is vaccination or People get very sick when they get infected with COVID. It won’t happen very often, “Wilson said.

“What we know is that you are much less likely to get a COVID because you have great protection against getting a COVID,” he added. ..

Doctors say they didn’t expect the COVID-19 vaccine, like any other vaccine, to prevent 100% of the virus’ infection.

“Statistically, we know that we can get the flu just as we do if we are vaccinated against the flu. The same is true with the COVID vaccine. Statistically, if we are vaccinated. But you can get the COVID, but we all need to take a deep breath and realize that you have some antibodies and that you have some protection. “There is,” said Dr. Nicolet Massy, ​​a pharmacist and owner of the Palm Harbor Pharmacy.

For those who are considering vaccination as the number of cases continues to grow, or who are still on the fence, experts want you to know this:

“These vaccines have been on the market since September. Millions of people, whether Pfizer, Modana or J & J, have been vaccinated and millions have been vaccinated. I haven’t seen anyone hospitalized for the vaccine. We haven’t seen people die from the vaccine. What we see from the vaccine is protection against COVID. And I People who are admitted to the hospital with COVID are far more often not vaccinated, “said Wilson.

Tampa doctor says about breakthrough cases as surge continues in Florida Source link Tampa doctor says about breakthrough cases as surge continues in Florida

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